How To Integrate Desktop Central with Jira


How to perform various endpoint management tasks within Jira?

ManageEngine Desktop Central serves as a complete, unified endpoint management solution that helps enterprises automate every aspect of system administration such as patch management, software deployment, remote troubleshooting, IT asset management and a lot more. On the other hand, Jira is a successful service desk software that helps in managing IT requests and issue tracking. By integrating Jira with Desktop Central, one can unify their service desk and system management needs.

Benefits of integration

By integrating Jira and Desktop Central, you can

  1. Considerably reduce your troubleshooting time from days to minutes with the Advanced Remote Control.
  2. With automated patch management process, seamlessly manage patches in all the computers of your enterprise and stay away from vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.
  3. Deploy business software immediately on demand with customized software deployment and simplify your project management tasks.
  4. With System Manager remotely carry out file folder operations, access command prompt, manipulate registry values, wake computers on LAN and a lot more.
  5. Leverage all your IT service management tasks under a single console.
Note : The following steps are applicable only for the integration between Desktop Central and Jira Service Desk Server (on premise).

Installing Desktop Central

If you are new to Desktop Central, follow the below steps to install and set up Desktop Central. Otherwise, proceed to Steps to integrate.

Steps to integrate

Follow the below steps to access your existing Desktop Central server within Jira

  1. Ensure your current Desktop Central build number is 10.0.363 or above, else update to the latest version.
  2. Configure Desktop Central in Jira:
    • Download and install the Desktop Central add-on from Atlassian market place.
    • Under Manage apps, navigate to Setup Server and click Close.
    • Then click Next.
    • Enter the Desktop Central server's URL, along with the port number and the protocol- http:// or https://. Click Next.
    • Enter the User Name and Password of the Desktop Central admin user. Click Finish.   Desktop Central has been successfully configured with Jira.
  3. Configure Jira in Desktop Central:
    • After logging-in to the Desktop Central web console, navigate to Admin tab, and under Integrations, click Jira Settings. Click Integrate Now.
    • Provide the Jira base URL , along with the portnumber and the protocol- http:// or https://. Enter the User Name and Password of the Jira admin user. Click Save.
    • Desktop Central has been successfully integrated with Jira.

User Association

  1. To start using various Desktop Central features within Jira, Jira users should be mapped with respective Desktop Central users based on their privileges.
  2. Use the "Associate users" option in the Desktop Central app page of Jira to associate various users.
  3. Jira administrator whose credentials were used to configure the integration will automatically be associated with Desktop Central administrator.