Unable to access the image file

Your see the error message - "Unable to access the image file" if the access to the image repository failed. This may happen during the following cases,

  1. While storing the image backup in the image repository.
  2. While trying to deploy the saved image backup to the target computer.

Why am I getting this error?

  1. The given network share folder or the image file specified is unavailable.
  2. Access to the image file or network share folder is blocked by firewall/antivirus.

How do I resolve this?

Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue.

Check and ensure the network share path.

  1. Access the computer where you've created the network share folder and ensure that the image repository exists and the image file exists.
  2. If the folder/image file exists, ensure it is shared properly with read/write privileges. If the folder/image file is not found, create a network share folder.
  3. If the configured network share folder is on an external disk, ensure the disk connection and also check if the file/folder is shared. Read more on verifying the share permissions to a folder.

Ensure that the access to share path/image file is not blocked by firewall/anti-virus.

From the computer where you have created the network share, ensure that the firewall/antivirus is not restricting the OS Deployer component from accessing the specific folder.

Need help?

If your issue persists, write to us at osdeployer-support@manageengine.com