An attempt was made to log on, but the network logon service was not started.


You see the error message "An attempt was made to logon, but the network logon service was not started" on the screen when you try to do either of the following:

  • When installing the image creator component.
  • When you are trying to access a remote machine's share.


  1. If network logon service is not available or running in the target computer


Run services.msc in the target computer to open Services Manager. Check the status of netlogon service here. If the service is not running execute the following commands in the target computer one by one,

  • ipconfig /flushdns 
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • net stop netlogon
  • net start netlogon.


Download this text file, rename it as a bat file and run this bat file to execute the command automatically. 

Keywords: Login failed, network logon services.