Patch Installation Failure - "Unknown Error Code: 2145124329"

We have released a separate troubleshooting patch to address this issue. You can follow the steps in this document to resolve this.


You are trying to install patches on your network computers, using Desktop Central. However you get an error message - "Unknown Error Code: 2145124329"


This error might occur due to one of the following reasons,

  • Patch is not applicable to the target computers.
  • Desktop Central does not detect the patch right.
  • Client's operating system is corrupted.


There are five reasons as to why this error code might be shown, they can be resolved respectively as shown below:

  1. If the DB sync and patch scan has not occurred recently
    • Verify if the DB sync/scan has happened recently, if it hasn't happened, please perform a DB sync and patch scan and check whether the issue still exists.
  2. If the 'Patch failed with Unknown Error Code: 2145124329' remark is shown for [Windows 7, 8.1 & Windows Server 2008, 2012] Security Only updates.
    • Deploy the Latest Security Monthly Quality Roll-up for the above mentioned OS versions, from the missing patches list.
  3. If the 'Patch failed with Unknown Error Code: 2145124329' remark is shown for [Windows 7, 8.1 & Windows Server 2008, 2012] Security Only updates for .NET Framework version installed in the systems.
    • Deploy the Latest Security and Quality Roll-up update from the missing patches list.
    • If the Latest Security and Quality Roll-up update also fails with the same error, then it probably means that the .NET framework has been corrupted. If this is the case, you need to uninstall and reinstall the .NET framework version installed in the system and re-deploy the failed updates.
  4. If the affected systems have Defer updates configured in their GPO Policy
    • Check whether the GPO policy given below is enabled. If enabled, then Disable it and deploy the updates or wait till the Deferral period is over
    • Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Windows Update for Business > Select when Quality Updates are Received
    • Defer updates - GPO

      Note: Deferring simply means that you will not receive the update after it has been released for at least the number of deferral days you have specified.

  5. If none of the above resolutions work, Deploy the CBS patch listed in the Supported Patch list view to resolve this issue.
    • Search for the patch ID 105979 in the Supported Patches list.
    • Note: If you are not able to find the patch ID, go to Patch Database Settings -> Windows -> enable the Optional Updates checkbox. After enabling, search for the patch ID in the supported patches list.

    • Select the patch and click on Install patch
    • Deploy the configuration on the failed targets
    • Once the configuration is executed successfully, restart the system & retry the deployment of the failed patches

If the issue still persists, contact with the log files for further assistance.

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