How to share and control a remote desktop?


Desktop Central's Remote Control capabilities help you gain access to any remote computer in your network (LAN/WAN). This requires Desktop Central Agent to be installed in client systems. Enable ActiveX controls in the IE browser from where a connection to the client systems is being established. The following steps will assist you to share and control a remote desktop.

Steps to share and control a remote desktop

  1. Define the Scope of Management to include the computers that you wish to manage using Desktop Central
  2. Enable the default gateway port as 8443 on the Desktop Central Server. In case of WAN computers, you will need to enable the 8443 port the external firewalls if any.
  3. Go to Tools tab and select Remote Control
  4. In the Action field, click the Connect link corresponding to the computer name you want to connect.
  5. In case you are trying to connect to a WAN computer, the View Desktop link will get activitated within the two-minutes refresh cycle. Click the View Desktop link for the WAN computer to be shared on a viewer.