How is asset data posted from Desktop Central to ServiceNow?

This document will brief you on the data that is transferred between ServiceNow and Desktop Central upon integration.

Workflow of asset data posting

ServiceNow provides SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services API, and the format used by Desktop Central to post asset details to ServiceNow is WSDL XML. The credentials using which you integrate Desktop Central and ServiceNow should have SOAP privileges, access to table, and data read/write permission in ServiceNow. Firstly, Desktop central will check if a computer is listed in ServiceNow using the computer name and domain name.  If the computer is listed , Desktop Central will update the corresponding asset details and will acquire the SYS_ID (Unique ID for all assets in ServiceNow) to post asset details during the subsequent asset scans. If the computer is not listed, Desktop Central will add the new asset entry in ServiceNow database and SYS_ID of that computer will be synced to Desktop Central's database.

When is the asset data posted?

The complete asset data from Desktop Central will be posted to ServiceNow upon completion of the inventory scan (manual or scheduled scan), and after every installation/uninstallation of software in the network.

What data is posted?

  • Hardware inventory details: The count of hardware installations on managed computer, the manufacturer details, CPU details, OS details, hardware status and network adapter details will be posted.
  • Software inventory details: The list of installed applications, and the number of installations for each application will be posted.
# Task Update interval
Data transferred from Desktop Central to ServiceNow
1 Inventory details of computers Immediate
2 Software packages created in Desktop Central (using plugin) Once every 24 hours/on-demand
3 Software deployment status update (using plugin) Once every 3 minutes
4 Desktop Central user details (using plugin) Once every 24 hours/on-demand
5 Inventory, patch and scope of management dashboard details (using plugin) Once every 24 hours/on-demand

 Plugin: Desktop Central plugin, when enabled in ServiceNow empowers the users to perform various actions like deploying software, taking remote control, viewing inventory and patch details. Refer our document on Integration using plug-in app to know more about configuring the plugin.

SOAP APIs used for asset data posting:

  1. Computer URL:
  2. Software details URL:
  3. Network adapter details:

Workflow of assigning users automatically
Ownership for computers can be assigned automatically by choosing to assign the active logged on user. Upon integrating Desktop Central with ServiceNow, Desktop Central will sync all the user's SYS_ID and the username. This sync will happen once everyday, following the initial scan that happens after integration. ServiceNow usernames will be stored in the database and Desktop Central will compare the username of active logged on user with the usernames of ServiceNow for mapping the usernames. The ServiceNow username will be displayed finally and, if the usernames match, Desktop Central will assign the computer using the SYS_ID. Assignment of users automatically will happen once every 60 minutes and is a separate process that is not related to asset data posting.