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Schedule an Inventory Scanning

What is a scheduled inventory scanning?

Scheduled inventory scanning from Endpoint Central is the method by which IT administrators can automate their inventory scanning process. Scanning systems over a stipulated period of time with accuracy might be challenging for an IT administrator. IT administrators and technicians can automate the asset scanning workflow with this technique.

What are the types of scheduled inventory scanning?

Endpoint Central allows IT administrators to create two types of automated inventory scanning workflow.
Automated Inventory Scanning
Automated File Scanning

What is automated inventory scanning?

As the name suggests, this process will automatically fetch the details and post it to the central server using Endpoint Central agent. To configure,

  • Navigate to Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> Schedule Scan -> Inventory Scan -> Configure Schedule.
  • Customize the options according to your requirement and initiate the scan.

What is automated file scanning?

Endpoint Central supports file scanning process, where IT administration team can probe for any specific file type and perform desired actions to it. For example, when an IT administration team wants to block all the video files, they can run a file scan with all possible video file extensions and collect the data. Once received, they can implement commands to block/remove the video files. This process also allows you to analyze the system's hardware usage and monitor memory usage of files.

  • To automate your file scan, navigate to Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> Schedule Scan -> File Scan -> Configure Schedule.
  • Once a schedule is configured, navigate to Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> File Scan Rules -> Add Rule.
  • You can create a rule here and deploy it to the targeted machines.

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