What is Desktop Management?


Desktop management is a comprehensive approach to managing and securing all the computer systems within an organization. Despite its name, desktop management also includes overseeing laptops and other computing devices that are used within the organization.

For IT managers, keeping users' computers up-to-date can be a challenge, especially given the never-ending task of upgrading software to prevent security breaches. Desktop management software helps administrators automate, standardize, secure, and audit all the computing devices within their enterprise.

Why is Desktop Management a Challenge for some IT Teams?

There's a saying in IT that goes, "If you're going to do it more than once, automate it." With the number and type of computing devices—and the scores of software applications running on them increasing rapidly—there are plenty of opportunities to apply this sentiment to desktop management.

For businesses with multiple servers, desktops, laptops, and tablets—each running different versions of different operating systems with their own set of software applications—it can be time-consuming and challenging to ensure they're all managed and secure. Not to mention this all has to be done while the admins look after the hardware and software inventory, configurations, security, patches, and software licenses.

How to Choose the right Desktop Management Software

Which desktop management software is best for your enterprise? The answer depends on the features that you're looking for. Every business has its own set of demands, but there are a few common factors that are important to consider.

When shopping for a desktop management solution, businesses should consider:

  1. If the solution can support both current and future user environments
  2. If support is offered for the required operating systems, and whether there's equal support for legacy and modern OSs
  3. What features and capabilities are offered, including:
    • Patch management
    • Software distribution and upgrading
    • Asset management
    • User profile management
    • Remote troubleshooting
    • OS imaging and deployment
    • Modern management
    • Enterprise mobility management
    • Configurations management
    • Auditing and reporting
  4. The product's roadmap
  5. Customer reviews
  6. Analyst evaluations
  7. Pricing models
  8. Utilizing free trials to see how different products function in their environment
  9. The quality of support and if support is separately priced
  10. Available integrations

If you're looking for an affordable desktop management solution that offers everything listed above, look no further. Desktop Central offers all these features to manage and secure your fleet of systems—all from one, central location.

ManageEngine Desktop Central

Desktop Central is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that enables you to secure and manage all forms of endpoints within your enterprise—including servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and point of sale (POS) devices—both inside and outside your organization's network from a central console.

Desktop Central's capabilities cover the entire endpoint security and management spectrum, including:

  1. Automated patch management
  2. Software deployment
  3. Real-time asset management
  4. Remote system management
  5. OS imaging and deployment
  6. Modern management
  7. Mobile device management
  8. Configurations management
  9. Analytics and reporting

It automates the complete desktop and mobile device management life cycle from start to finish to help businesses cut their IT infrastructure costs, achieve operational efficiency, improve productivity, and combat network vulnerabilities.

With over a decade of experience in empowering enterprises with endpoint management, Desktop Central currently manages more than 4,800,000 endpoints, helping more than 12,000 IT professionals across 185 countries.

Desktop Central was recognized by Gartner as a Customer's Choice for Client Management Tools.

What our customers have to say about us on Gartner Peer Insights


"Finally, device management made easy! This is a must buy product!"

- Senior systems administrator working in government


"Easy rollout for a wonderful tool."

- Infrastructure systems engineer in the retail industry


"A fantastic tool for managing your IT services."

- Service desk project engineer in the retail industry


"Great product, very impressive feature set, and very impressive performance."

- CIO in the finance industry