1. How do I change the local administrator password in a computer?

  1. Click Add Configuration from the Quick links available below the tabs.
  2. This opens the Add Configurations page. Select the Templates tab.
  3. Click the Create Configuration link from the action column corresponding to the "Change local admin account password" template.
  4. This opens the User Management configuration with a new admin user created as "newadmin". Change the username and password, if required.
  5. Select the computers for which you need to change the password. To select computers from here, you should have defined the Scope of Management.
  6. After selecting the required targets, click Deploy.


2. How to configure proxy settings for all the browsers for all users?

  1. Click Configurations tab.
  2. Click Configurations on the left tree and select Windows.
  3. Click on Browser and select User.
  4. Select all the browsers where you want to apply proxy settings.
  5. Click on Proxy and fill in all the required details.
  6. After selecting the required targets, click Deploy.