How do I revert configurations that I have deployed?


You can revert only certain configurations that have been deployed. This document provides information required to revert configurations. You can revert configurations in the following scenarios:

  • Assume that you have deployed a configuration to install a software application. You can revert and change it to enable uninstallation of the software application. You must modify the configuration by changing the following:
    • Operation type from Install to Uninstall
    • Type of package

      Note: The package must have an uninstall string.

  • When you want to revert a configuration related to a security policy, you can modify the policy and change the settings as required. For example, assume that you have created a configuration to disable the option to change the wallpaper on the desktop of a computer. You can modify the configuration and change the policy to enable the option to change the wall paper, before re-deploying the policy.

You can also revert the Secure USB and Firewall configurations.


To revert a configuration, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Configurations tab
  2. In the Configuration Name column, click on the name of the configuration you want to revert
  3. Click Modify
  4. Make the required changes
  5. Click Deploy

You have reverted and re-deployed a configuration. The settings will reflect in the client computers during the agent's 90-minute refresh cycle, during startup or during logon—whichever takes place earlier.