Standardize configurations across your network.

Over 30 predefined configurations helps administrators manage windows applications, system settings, desktop settings, and security policies. These are extremely helpful in baselining systems and targets can be selected at user or system level. A group of configurations can also be applied together using the collection feature. The selected settings comes into action either during user logon or computer startup (depending on the type of configuration applied) to minimise the loss of productivity. Status of the applied configurations can also be tracked anytime.

Endpoint Central offers configurations for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Includes desktop configuration like setting path, environment variables, display properties, drive mapping, managing shortcuts, configuring IP/shared printers, displaying message box, and launching applications.

Includes computer configuration like managing local users and groups, windows services, scheduling applications, manipulating registry entries, installing software, configuring power schemes, and executing custom scripts.

Includes configuring Windows applications, such as MS Outlook, MS Office, Internet Explorer, etc.

Includes USB settings, firewall settings, security policies, displaying legal messages, and alerts.

Profile management

Profiles are configurations that can be created and associated with users or devices. Set up VPN, Wi-Fi, APN, proxy, certificates, set up productivity tools, apply strong passcodes, restrict device functions, protect data by deploying associating profiles. With the help of the directory and automated groupings, you can achieve department-specific baselines for devices. Take advantage of OEM-supplied profiles from over 22 manufacturers to gain deep customization, management, and security.

Kiosk management

Turn your smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TVs into secure single-purpose devices. Devices can be locked down to use settings, apps, and policies approved by IT to enhance control. In kiosk mode, you can setup networks, settings, restrictions, apps, and home screens.

Endpoint Central MSP

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