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Windows Tools - How To's

1. How to share and control a remote desktop?

  1. Define the Scope of Management to include the computers that you wish to manage using Desktop Central
  2. Ensure that you have enabled ActiveX Controls in the Internet Explorer browser settings through which you are trying to connect to a remote desktop.
  3. If Windows firewall is running in the remote desktop, add TCP port 6100 to the exceptions list. This has to be done in all the remote computers that you wish connect.
  4. Click Desktop Sharing from the Quick Links provided below the tabs.
  5. Click the computer name to connect.


2. How to configure Desktop Central to prompt the user before sharing their desktop?

  1. Select Admin --> Server Settings.
  2. Enable "Prompt user for Confirmation" option and Save.


3. How to schedule running disk defrag in user computers?

  1. Define the Scope of Management to include the computers that you wish to manage using Desktop Central.
  2. Select Tools --> System Tools --> Add Task
  3. Provide a name and description of the task
  4. Select the Disk Defragmenter tool and click Next
  5. Select the options for defragmentation of the disk and click Next.
  6. Choose he computers on which you wish to perform disk defragmentation and click Next
  7. Specify the username and password as whom this process would be run and the interval at which it should be performed.
  8. Click Finish.