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We recommend our users to move to the latest version EventLog Analyzer 11.1 build #11010 released on June 17th, 2016. Upgrade packs are common for both Windows and Linux installation. Check out what's new in this service pack?.

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Note: Only users with valid Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) or Annual Subscription contract are eligible to download service packs. Refer Manageengine Support portal for more details

Specific Migration Instructions

Migrating from Build#9000 to Build#10000

Before migrating from EventLog Analyzer 9.0 Build#9000 to version 10.0 Build#10000, you need to download and extract '' in <Eventlog_Analyser_Home>/bin folder.

EventLog Analyzer JRE Zip files for service pack 8.6 upgrade

Depending on the Operating System and EventLog Analyzer build type (How to find build number?) download the appropriate zip files from the below links and place it in EventLog Analyzer Home directory. By default it is the location C:/ManageEngine/Eventlog


Instructions to migrate the indexes manually

EventLog Analyzer has updated its indexing mechanism from 8061/8062 release. Once you migrate to this version, the index file migration will also be performed automatically during log search or report generation. Sinse, index migration is a resource intensive process, we advise you to carry out this operation manually.

  1. 1.Run MigrateIndex.bat/sh script present under <EventLog_Analyzer_Home>\troubleshooting directory in the command window
Note: For Distributed Edition, run the above script on all Managed Servers.

Instructions to apply service packs


Upgrade Instructions

How do I find the build number of EventLog Analyzer?

In the web client, click Help > About link in the top pane. You will then find the build number of the EventLog Analyzer current version.

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In case of issues, contact EventLog Analyzer Support

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You can contact EventLog Analyzer Support at any time for assistance to upgrade EventLog Analyzer to the latest version.


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