MS IIS Servers - How to add

Add MS IIS Servers to monitor

Add Windows Hosts


  1. Use the Local Host option to import the log files from the local machine, from where you are accessing EventLog Analyzer over the web. The maximum log file size for import from local host is 1 GB. Use the Remote Host option to import the log files from remote machines. The maximum log file size for import from remote host is 2 GB

  2. You can either select any one of the available log formats or choose your own log format by using + button beside the Choose Log Format option

  3. For importing, IIS W3C Web Server Logs and IIS W3C FTP Logs


Import Log FIles

  1.  Mention the 'Time Interval' as 'Import Once' or periodically import the logs using the options 'Import Every Hour','Import Every Day' or 'Import Every <xxx> minute'.

    Add Windows Hosts

    Periodical imports of logs is possible only if the log files are present in the same machine where the EventLog Analyzer server is running

  2. Use the 'Choose File' option to browse the log which you want to import.In case of Remote Host, use Select Remote file link to specify the Location

  3. If you are periodically importing the logs and if the file name of the logs also changes periodically, then you can specify it by checking the box "Does the file name changes periodically"

  4. If the above said check box is ticked, then you will have an option to provide the Filename pattern. You can select the filename pattern from the available list or you can specify your own filename pattern using the + button beside the Filename Pattern field.

  5. Associate the logs to a host. You can select host from the 'Existing Host' link