Print Server - How to add

Add Print Server Resource

To configure Print Servers for which you want to monitor the logs carry out the procedure given below.

  • In the Add New Host page

Add the Print Server as a new Windows Host as per the procedure given.

  • In the Settings page

After adding as Windows, select Settings > Configurations: Manage Applications: Add: Print Server menu or Home tab > Applications > Actions: +Print Server menu. The Configure Print Server page opens up. In the Add Host text field, enter the host name of the Print Server. Click the Save icon besides the text field. Existing Print Servers are listed below the text field as Existing Hosts.

After Configuring Print Server in EventLog Analyzer, carry out the configuration given below in Print Server.

Print Server Configuration

Enable Print Server Log

Open Event Viewer > Application and Service Logs > Print Service, right click and select 'Enable Log'. This will enable logging for the corresponding 'Admin', 'Debug' or 'Operational' processes. The logs will be available under Event Viewer.


Add Windows Hosts

Note: Carry out the following registry configuration only for a 64-bit Windows OS machine :

  • Open the registry editor 'regedit' of the Print Server machine in the Command Line Window
  • Navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\eventlog\
  • Right click on eventlog. Click new > key and create Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational or Admin or Debug

This will convert the Log type to 'Administrative' thus enabling you to perform search and generate reports out of these logs

The above configuration is not required for a 32-bit Windows OS machines.