Build No. 7016

Issues Fixed

  • Issue with requests and solutions not having links in the title (last viewed page) is corrected.

Build No. 7015

Feature Enhancement

  • Configuration of url settings in admin for supportrep, contact logout
  • Sub Account field included in Time Spent Reports section
  • SupportCenter Plus is available in Norwegian language

Issues Fixed

  • Duplication of e-mail ids in primary and secondary contact
  • Garbled characters in email subject in Japanese/Chinese languages.
  • Scheduled requests created at wrong intervals
  • Business rules defined with "Group" in the criteria section not saved.
  • Issue with importing CSVs containing Icelandic characters through the Scheduled CSV Import option is fixed.
  • Increased the number of characters displayed in the solutions title in the solutions list view page.
  • Removed the "Forward" button in solution module for contact login
  • Issue in displaying the appropriate fields based on configuration in the contact login is fixed
  • Importing of Support Reps from AD improper when the OU length exceeds certain limit.
  • Issue when deselecting an Account manager from an account
  • Issue in generating summary reports after clicking on edit button is corrected
  • Disabled the email sending option from contact login ( email id link in contact login --> My details tab )
  • In solution list view page, the list view disappears when sorted on the solution title.
  • In reports, on choosing the date criteria, the extreme dates were not included.
  • In the Mozilla firefox browser, in requests list view page, when some requests are checked and the page refreshes, a wrong set of requests are selected after the reload is corrected.
  • Issue in the Mail server settings view page in Russian Language edition is fixed

Build No. 7014

Issues fixed

  • Contact edit fails in non-english languages
  • Backup procedure corrected
  • Issue with the CSV import for Sales details corrected
  • Issue with the display of Resolution & history tabs in Request View page corrected

Build No. 7013

Feature Enhancements

  • Bcc option in Announcements and Request Reply Sections
  • Canned response moved inside the reply/forward window for better usability
  • An option to Suppress notification to the group, if a request is assigned to that Group and support rep of that group
  • A new data compression technique is implemented to reduce the server loading time.

Issues fixed

  • Exception occurred when a contract is updated
  • Https Request link issue in notification
  • N" string added on empty fields by default during backup & restore process removed
  • The duplicate entries made due to different cases in Contact Email ids has been fixed
  • Active directory and Windows domain icons were not shown in the Admin Screen left panel
  • Conversation not saved when a contact replied using the Reply button on the top of the screen in the contact login
  • In schedule CSV import, once a schedule was saved there was no option to edit until the scheduled update was finished
  • The last name field mapped with CSV was not maintained while editing the schedule
  • One Support Rep's email signature was commonly shown in all other Support Reps email reply
  • Multi-language support for Active Directory & Canned Responses
  • The Edit & Update option in the contact details shown in the Request Details page got stuck in "Processing" and did not process further
  • Advanced matrix report did not run without selecting the mandatory field in simple matrix report screen
  • Issue when contact logins and passwords were updated through CSV Import
  • Issue with 'copy to resolution' in Request part resolution section
  • Support Rep information were shown to contacts in solutions
  • The update notification was sent to the contacts when the conversations were marked private
  • Mail fetching process was stopped when the contact was created with Upper Case Email id and if the same email id was used as the login
  • A different solution topic was shown default while editing the solution topic
  • Exception occurred when Account and product is overwritten in the sales CSV import
  • Issue when license was applied after its expiry in the console mode
  • Issue when patch was applied in the console mode

Build No. 7012

New Features

  • Integration with Active Directory for Support Representatives
  • Canned Responses
  • Notifications for Account Manager and Primary Contact
  • Email Signatures for Support Representatives.

Feature Enhancements

  • Approval Process for Solutions.
  • "All Requests" option added in the Customer Portal
  • Console Mode Support for Upgrade Patches


  • The Limitation in the contract expiry notification is fixed
  • SLAs were not taking holidays in to account, when the operational hours are configured with the "Round the clock" option - Fixed
  • The Duplication of accounts and contacts during CSV import is fixed
  • File Encoding format issue in automated CSV import is fixed
  • When the Support Representative has Full Control over the Contracts, a script error is produced on any action in his login - Fixed
  • Issue in searching account additional fields after the 7th additional field is fixed
  • Issue in Request Form Customizer in Multi-Language Version is fixed

Build No. 7011


  • Mail fetching error - Fixed
  • Notification not triggered when customer provides additional information from the portal - Fixed

Build No. 7010


  • Support for Italian language.
  • The admin can configure the availability of support team tab for support Reps
  • Global configuration for private/public request conversation.


  • Manage folder page was not properly viewable in Japanese & Chinese- Fixed
  • Solution topics was not properly aligned in the solution page -Fixed
  • When the product field was empty,the request could not be updated-Fixed

Build No. 7009


  • Recent items for contract.
  • Reply option in menubar for contact on request view


  • Problem in creating a request when product is deselected from Request form
  • Unable to take a back up in 7008
  • Ceratin conversations marked as private by default.
  • Unable to delete report folder

Build No. 7008

Reports Enhancements & Issues

  • The 'Group By' report results will be shown as one group per page based on configuration from custom settings.
  • Replacing empty value with custom value provided in custom settings
  • Disabling links in reports is provided in custom settings
  • Scheduled reports can be sent at "5 min" time intervals rather than existing "15 min"intervals.


  • Occurrence of Multiple Headers in Empty reports(xls)
  • Calendar is not properly placed in the interface.
  • Mouse pointer not closing in the reports' home screen.
  • Logo & chart images are not displayed in the print preview screen.
  • In Matrix Reports, filters are not maintained after saving the report.
  • The company's name is not displayed properly in the custom report.
  • "Order by" sort is not working.
  • While Generating Matrix Report, if mandatory fields are not selected,exception is thrown when the report is created.
  • Issues in criteria section of reports
  • Issues in scheduling and exporting query reports

Other Enhancements & Issues

  • Multiple contract creation based on Products to a Single Account
  • Solution permission settings provided for Non login user & Contacts without associated Accounts.
  • Ability to make conversations as Public/Private

Issues Addressed

  • $SubCategory was sent as it is in Notification Templates.
  • "show to contact" in Request Template was not working properly.
  • 'Remind Me' option in Task was not working.
  • Reminders were not working
  • Due by Time was automatically set without referring the contracts --Support Plan-- SLA criteria model
  • $contactname was not present in SLA Escalation template.
  • In Contact login, the the conversation owner names are automatically converted to Support.
  • In Notification templates, Item, Support Rep phone and Support Rep mobile variables were not present.
  • Holiday list was not referred while setting the Due By time.
  • Mail Fetching was stopped due to single quote problem
  • Schedule Request -- Product selection was not maintained when a request is created
  • Schedule Request -- Contact Information was not populated when a request is created
  • Schedule Request -- Account information was not populated when a request is created
  • Edit Schedule Request option was not retaining the contact & Account information
  • Issues while importing SalesDetails from csv corrected
  • Incorrect sender name while sending survey
  • More than one SubTopic addition to Topic in Solutions causes Null Pointer Exception in Web portal page corrected

Build No. 7007


  • Performance enhancement in request section included.
  • Clicking the request tab maintains the last selected view.

Issues Fixed in Hotfix

  • Account Name column not available for contact and account manager login issue - Fixed
  • Auto save draft not maintaining the cursor position issue - Fixed
  • Contacts able to view non permitted requests - security issue - Fixed
  • Attachments in scheduled request was not working  - Fixed
  • Exception while approving a request issue - Fixed
  • Bulk delete was not working after navigating through Request view issue - Fixed
  • Updating contact details after adding timeentry issue - Fixed

Build No. 7005

Issues Fixed in Hotfix

  • Licence link unavilable issue - fixed

Build No. 7004


Solution Topic Templates

Ability to define a set of topics as a template. This template can be assigned to Accounts. This will greatly simplify the management of topics shown to accounts.

A change in default behaviour is : When a new account is added, by default the contacts of the Account will not be able to view/search any solutions. Only upon the assignment of a topic template, will the corresponding solutions be visible to the contacts.

Issues Fixed in Hotfix

  • Email content greater than 64K - Workaround incorporated
  • Request to Account mapping improper after upgrade to the 7000 series
  • In MySQL, custom report without a date filter not getting saved
  • While creating custom report, column chooser getting wrapped.
  • When a Request is edited, Account information set incorrectly
  • When viewing the requests of an Account (Account's Requests button in Account View), it does not capture the requests of the Sub-Accounts
  • In a Sub Account's view page when clicking on "Sub Account's Requests", no requests are displayed
  • When clicking on "Contact's Request" button, it does not display requests raised by the contact on behalf of the subaccounts.
  • Account Manager update error in Accounts
  • Request View Page - Time Entry section missing
  • "Due-by Time" is not properly set when the SLA criteria set is empty
  • SLA not set correctly based on Support Plan
  • Attachment link missing in Request Approval section
  • When forwarding a request having attachment, the page layout is disturbed
  • Validation improper in Sales Additional Fields
  • Ability to create custom roles based on the default Account Manager role disabled.
  • In notification templates, subcategory, contact email, phone number & Mobile number included
  • The LastUpdated field not updated when a scheduled request is created
  • When editing a custom view, the criteria operator is always displayed as AND
  • Group field included in Business Rules
  • Duplicate entries for Support Reps during Group creation
  • $RequesterName variable changed to $ContactName in Notification templates
  • Error when adding a service for a support plan
  • Junk notification filter issue in French language corrected
  • Editing a date column in a filter shows improper values
  • Notification template for contact reply from the customer portal
  • When a resolution is added to a request, a Stack overflow error displayed - fixed
  • Notfication not sent when a contact is created during the request creation - fixed
  • While editing a custom view the date filter value is not properly displayed - fixed.
  • In request view, a user interface correction to change the requester of the request.
  • Multiline additional field is not wrapped in request view page - corrected
  • SLA Name displayed in the request history instead of the SLA ID.
  • Criteria name duplicated in Business Rule - corrected
  • Request form customizer view permission issue on Support Rep, Product , Category fields - fixed
  • Unable to add product in admin section (cache issue) - fixed
  • Exception when editing & saving reports - fixed
  • Admininstrator unable to delete report created by other user with admin role if the report is a public - fixed
  • Exception trace sent along with email when a query report is scheduled - fixed
  • Sales Additional fileds & Product Additional fields included as part of Account Reports
  • Issue with adding second filter in Reports - fixed
  • Solution search result shows duplicate entries - fixed
  • Lastupdated field & Account Manager included in request reports
  • Group field included in the time spent reports
  • Server hanging due to deadlock issue - fixed
  • Contract reports displays hours used in milliseconds - fixed

Build No. 7002

Issues Fixed in Hotfix

  • Report delete issue - Fixed
  • Unable to choose the criteria while editing a report - Fixed
  • Polish language related issues - Fixed.
  • IE Style issue while editing a report - Fixed

Build No. 7001


  • Swedish and Russian language support included.

Issues Fixed in Hotfix

  • HTML tags displayed in the body of the request - Fixed
  • Graph not visible in the Global View - Fixed
  • Support Rep selected in the Contact list when creating a new request. - Fixed
  • Some of the account related fields, for eg. the Account Manager information not displayed correctly in the Account View Page. - Fixed.
  • AND/OR operator not maintained in reports after migration to 7000 - Fixed
  • Date value in reports displays a numeric value - Fixed
  • Exception thrown when two or more reports are scheduled at the same time - Fixed
  • Scheduled Excel Reports when empty, not sent properly - Fixed

1.0 Release Features (Build No. 7000)

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus 7 (Build No. 7000) release includes the following :

Feature List

Major features

Accounts & Subaccounts

Subaccounts can now be defined for Accounts. Contacts can be associated to Accounts or Subaccounts and the request view permissions can be provided accordingly. This will provide greater flexibility for Accounts having a head office & various branches.

Also the Accounts pages have been modified for greater usability.

Contract Management

Ability to define a contract with block hours or incidents for an account. As requests are resolved, block hours/incidents get used up. When the hours/incidents left reach a particular level, notifications are triggered to the configured members for appropriate action.

Time Entry enhancements

Time entry user interface has undergone an overhaul. Time entry has been modified to work in synch with the Contracts module.

CSV Based integration to external databases

An option to automatically synchronize the SupportCenter database with organization's customer database. Supportcenter periodically looks for a CSV file in a specified location & updates it's database when it finds one.

Reply option for customers

The reply option is now available for the customers as well. Customers can login to the customer portal & reply to Support Reps questions.

Forward option for Support Rep Replies

Support Reps will have the ability to forward their own replies. Sometimes, the Support Rep would like to quote his earlier reply when replying to the contact. To achieve this, the Support Rep can now forward his earlier reply and further add to it.

Quick Create Enhancements

Requests can be raised using this form. In addition, account and contact information can be added edited when adding a request. Also while adding the request, an option to view the requests raised by that contact has also been added.

Minor Features

  • Configuration to disable customer portal access (browse/search solutions & raise requests) when they are not logged in.
  • Option to add/edit contact & account information from the request creation form.
  • Subcategory field can be chosen in the request list view page.
  • Request creation date is added on the top of the Request View Page
  • Configuration for the administrator to set the default support rep login status as IN or OUT.
  • History information disabled for customer login.
  • Announcements contain the drop down list to select users.
  • Default sorting is based on the Last Updated Field
  • Admin page icons logically rearranged.
  • When no criteria is defined in the Business Rules/SLAs, all requests passing through it, matched that Business rule/SLA.
  • Microsoft Vista support included.
  • Polish language support included.

Fixed Issue List

Request related issues

  • Reply to a request sent from SupportCenter does not send out the inline images properly
  • Notifications not sent to customers when a request is raised from customer portal
  • In a particular case, the typed reply content was not sent out in the email
  • Tags in the content of emails interfered with the formatting of the Request View Page.
  • Mails sent from Outlook has an extra line space.
  • Some HTML emails were displayed improperly leading to horizontal scroll.
  • History related information corrected for better readability.
  • When a time entry type was deleted, all related time entries were removed
  • Time entries uniformly displayed in the 24 hour format
  • The contact name included in the notification email sent to the Support Rep when a note is added.
  • Public notes added in the request print page.
  • Attachments with special characters not sent when replying to contact.
  • "Due by" date was reset when Support Rep was changed.
  • Print Preview - History information removed.
  • When notes edited by a contact, email was not sent to the Support Rep
  • Error in the Approve Request page.
  • When merging two or more conversations, the conversations remain in the expanded state
  • Spell checker issues fixed
  • Entering multiple To/cc address streches the reply window horizontally.
  • Support Rep information was shown to users when viewing the request information even though configured otherwise.
  • Notification was not sent to contact when a Support Rep replied to a notification generated which was earlier from SupportCenter
  • Time Spent & Time Elapsed related text was used wrongly. - Corrected.

Accounts & Contacts related issues

  • When adding a request, if there are two or more contacts with the same name, only the first one is selected.
  • Role with full control of Accounts unable to delete contacts
  • Account cost field in the Account View Page removed
  • Net price calcuation issue when associating Product to an account.
  • In contact list view page, button label changed to "Associate" instead of "Assign".

Report related Issues

  • Ability to define the column size for the fields
  • Ability to define date format in the report output.
  • Schedule reports stops emailing reports when a hotfix is applied
  • Embedding image in HTML reports
  • Ability to add custom created fields to timespent reports
  • Formatting Issues in Excel reports
  • Broken graph images
  • Account Manager in reports
  • Column Summary cannot be removed once added issue
  • StartsWith & Ends With displays the text box & the selection list for the user to select
  • Survey summary report issue fixed
  • Ordering of columns within a group
  • Date columns are also available in the "Advanced Filtering" section, so the operators work on Date columns too
  • Ability to define AND & OR on individual columns

Others issues

  • Issue in removing the sample login details in IE7
  • Formatting issues in IE7 related to Announcements section.
  • In web portal, links with maximum of 50 chars only were allowed.
  • SupportCenter installed on other language OS, switches to the that language automatically, though the multi-language option is not enabled.
  • Unable to remove the SMS info of Support Rep.
  • In customer portal, when logging in the username & password are shown in the browser address bar.
  • \n\r characters displayed in text when the data was backed up & restored
  • Logging out from customer portal took the user to the main login page.
  • Start -> Programs Menu -> Start Web Client was displaying improper url
  • License information link on top available only to administrator
  • Icon for Survey preview included.

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