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Customer Support Software for Retail Outlets

The real value of customer support is more evident and more precious in the retail industry. Retail Market is extremely competitive and customer service defines the difference between the good and the great companies. Customer Support Software is essential in building world class customer support for a retail outlet.


Telephone is the main mode of communication in a retail outlet. The computer telephony integrated customer support software will help you to identify your existing customers, pull up valid information about them, their recent requests etc., A suitable reply for the customer will make his experience a pleasant one. This will also reduce the number of support calls and increase the first call resolution. SupportCenter Plus with its simple quick create menus for requests and Computer telephony Integration will be a perfect solution for the retail houses to create world class customer support.

Key Features


  • Affordable, easy to use and quick implementation.
  • Customize Self Service Portal for clients and the respective contacts according to your needs
  • Organize and integrate computer telephony with your Customer Support in order to provide better user experience with your call center and customer support.
  • Increase support efficiency by reducing repetitive queries and high volume of tickets and calls
  • Keep the clients and their staff informed with latest information.
  • Create performance and efficiency reports of your customer support staff. Manage your resources effectively
  • 24 X 7 support for your clients.

How Business Units can be used by your Retail Outlet?

The Retail units mostly cater to the B2C customers rather than B2B customers. Each retail unit can have different support teams for different products or departments or even different sites. Business units can be customized in the way you wan.