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How to use SharePoint migration tool?

Microsoft's native SharePoint Migration Tool allows you to accelerate your journey to Office 365 overcoming obstacles typically associated with migration projects. Follow the steps mentioned below to use SharePoint migration tool efficiently.

  1. 1 Download and install SharePoint Migration Tool.
  2. 2 Once installed, the welcome screen will appear as shown below,


  3. 3 Sign in using the Office 365 login details to get started with the tool.
  4. 4 Once logged in, the tool will prompt you to select the source .JSON or CSV file format will help to migrate the bulk data to Office 365.
  5. 5 Select SharePoint On-Premises
  6. 6 Select the source site to migrate the data from.
  7. 7 Provide the sign in credentials for the source site. If possible, provide the site collection administrator user info for sign in.
  8. 8 Select “Migrate all lists and libraries” to migrate all the lists or selectively choose the list from drop down to migrate. Click Next.
  9. 9 Enter the target SharePoint online site address and click Next.
  10. 10 A task for migration will be created and displayed in the list.
  11. 11 Click Add a task to create another migration task by selecting another source and target location.
  12. 12 Click Migrate to start the migration process. Once the migration process is completed successfully, a green bar will be shown.

SharePoint Manager Plus provides a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for migration. In addition to the usual migration from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online provided by the native tool, ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus also facilitates migration between any SharePoint 2010 and higher versions. It also enables you to migrate permissions along with documents being migrated, which again is not possible with the native SharePoint migration tool.