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Knowledge Base

This knowledge base consists of two zones:

The How-to zone - Guides you through your everyday actions in SharePoint with detailed step by step instructions.

The Clues and Cues zone - Helps you efficiently manage your SharePoint environment by leveraging SharePoint Manager Plus.

Clues and Cues zone

  1. Copy or move permissions between users
  2. Check permissions
  3. Copy users between groups
  4. SharePoint document auditing

How-to zone

  1. An overview of SharePoint
  2. How to add an user to a SharePoint site?
  3. How to create a SharePoint group?
  4. How to change SharePoint group permissions?
  5. How to check permissions of SharePoint users and groups?
  6. How to configure audit logging for a SharePoint site collection?
  7. How to check the size of a SharePoint site?
  8. How to check the size of SharePoint storage?
  9. How to migrate sharepoint on premises to online?
  10. How to apply the license to SharePoint Manager Plus?
  11. How do you change the port number of SharePoint Manager Plus?
  12. How to change the port that Postgres database connectivity operates on?
  13. How to check the current build number and architecture of SharePoint Manager Plus?
  14. How to start SharePoint Manager Plus as a service?
  15. How to audit a SharePoint site collection?
  16. How to audit file usage in SharePoint?
  17. How to configure audit log trimming?
  18. How to migrate list from one site collection to another site collection?
  19. How to use SharePoint migration tool?
  20. How to view audit log reports in SharePoint Online?


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