Configuring Collections

A bunch of configurations is known as a Collection. Collection can be deployed in the target client workstation using Endpoint Central. The advantages of Collection are -

  • The targets are defined once for multiple configurations.
  • When the configuration is deployed, it saves time to apply the configuration since collection of configuration is applied in each workstation.

Note: This collections feature is available for Windows operating systems.


Step 1: Define Collection

  1. Navigate to Collections from Configurations tab.
  2. Choose the collection type as User Collection or Computer Collection. This opens the Add Collection Wizard.
  3. Provide a name and description for the collection.
  4. Choose the configurations that have to added to this collection and click Next. The configurations are specific to the collection type you have selected above.
  5. Define the chosen configurations. Refer to User Configurations and Computer Configurations sections for details about the configurations.

Step 2: Define Target

Select the targets for which the configurations have to be applied. Refer to the Defining Targets topic for more details.

Step 3: Save or Deploy Collection

After defining the configurations and targets, click Finish to deploy the defined configurations to the selected targets. You also have an option to save the configurations as drafts for later modifications by clicking the Save as Draft button.