USB Reports

What are USB reports?

USB devices have emerged as a substantial threat to data security due to their potential vulnerabilities. In addition to strengthening USB access security measures, Endpoint Central offers the capability to audit USB devices to secure endpoints and log all the peripheral devices used to access corporate data.

Note: This feature is currently supported only for computers using windows operating system.

How to view USB usage reports?

To view the usage of USB devices in endpoints, follow the steps given below:

  1. In the Endpoint central web console, navigate to Reports tab ---> Other ReportsUSB usage reports

You will have all the reports listed from which you can see the summary or detailed view.

How to enable USB audit settings?

USB audit settings will be enabled by default and users are given the choice to disable it as per their requirements. To configure USB audit settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin tab ---> Configurations settings ---> USB audit settings
  2. Under Audit settings, Enable Audit settings
  3. Specify the number of days you wanted the USB usage history to be maintained.
  4. Specify how often should the report be generated.
  5. Click Save Changes

USB audit settings will be saved and reports will be created as per the given requirements.

How to configure USB alert settings?

Administrators can configure the USB alert settings so that every time a user tries to plug-in a restricted USB device, they will be notified with an alert message stating that the usage of that particular USB device is restricted and will be asked to contact the system administrator to get permissions to use the particular USB device.

To configure USB alert settings:

  1. Navigate to Admin tab ---> Configurations settings ---> USB audit settings
  2. Under Alert settings, Enable Alert settings
  3. Enter the title of the message box that will be displayed
  4. Type the message that needs to be displayed to the end user.
  5. Select options to display this message. You can display the message just once when the user tries to use a restricted USB device or every time when the user proceeds to use a restricted USB device.