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Remote Shutdown

End users generally tend to leave the devices on, even when they are not working. This highly impacts an organization's power consumption and expenses. Shutdown the managed devices in one click and save energy by leveraging the capabilities of remote power operations.

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Instant power actions

Perform any power operation on unattended devices instantly with Endpoint Central's advanced power management capabilities.

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Remote Shutdown, all the managed devices will be listed in this view. 
  2. Select the devices on which you wish to perform power operation.
  3. Click on Shutdown Now or More Actions to perform restart, hibernate, log off, standby, or lock the remote computer. 
  4. Shutdown and restart actions will interrupt the end user's work, to avoid this you can customize the required settings
  5. In case of log off you can choose to log out of current user or all users in the endpoint.  

Remote shutdown

Automate power management

Automate the power operations to happen at regular intervals without admins intervention by scheduling the tasks. 

Hint: Try scheduling shutdown on weekends to optimize power consumption in your organization. 

  1. Navigate to Remote Shutdown -> Scheduled Shutdown and click Add Shutdown Task
  2. Give a name for the task and choose the action to be performed: Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Log Off current or all users, Stand By or Lock 
  3. Configure settings in case of shutdown or restart since it will interrupt end user's activities. 
  4. Define Targets: Specify the remote devices to which the scheduled task has to be deployed. Learn more
  5. Configure Scheduler: Customize the frequency and time to perform the scheduled task. 
    • Once: Task will expire after executing once. 
    • Daily: Perform the action every day, on alternate days, or only on weekdays.
    • Weekly: Power actions will be scheduled to happen on specific days every week.  
    • Monthly: You can schedule tasks to repeat during certain month or just a particular week or day of every month.
  6. Click on save to successfully schedule the task. 
  7. You can modify, suspend, delete and execute the scheduled task instantly from this tab later. 

Remote shutdown

Shutdown or Restart Settings

While initiating on-demand or scheduled shutdown and restart you will be prompted to configure the below settings:

  • Mode: Based on end user's preference, configure if the remote action must be performed or not.   
    • Do not disturb if the user has logged in: Action will not be performed when a user is logged in.
    • Allow users to skip/postpone the operation: End user can skip the action multiple times or admin can configure limited number of attempts the action can be postponed. (Supported for Windows and Mac)
    • Force Shutdown/Restart: Choose this option if you wish to stop applications running in background and perform the action forcibly. 
  • Time Out: Specify the time to display warning message before performing the action on the endpoint. 
  • Message: Customize the warning message to be displayed on end-user device. 

Remote shutdown

Note: The "TimeOut" option will be effective only when the target device is actively being used by the end user. If the end user's machine is inactive or logged out, the TimeOut option (even if enabled) will not display the prompt on the device and will proceed with the specified operation immediately.