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Setting Up Asset Management

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM)?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the practice by which IT administration team can track, monitor, and utilize the IT assets effectively throughout it's lifecycle, right from onboarding till retirement. The asset management capabilities of Endpoint Central allows IT administrators to perform actions such as scan the managed assets, audit them with the inventory reports, analyze and trigger alerts to track any suspicious movements, hardware asset management, software asset management, basic security auditing, and compliance.

What is IT Asset Management (ITAM) with Endpoint Central

How to setup IT Asset Management in Endpoint Central?

Endpoint Central provides a user-centric approach to your IT asset management needs and here is a step by step guide, that will help you to setup and start working on your IT auditing, Asset Management and achieve compliance.

IT Inventory

  1. Inventory Scan
  2. Schedule an Inventory Scan
  3. Inventory Scan Settings
  4. Inventory Alerts
  5. View Alerts
  6. Custom Fields

Inventory Details

  1. Inventory Details
  2. Hardware Details
  3. Computer Details
  4. System Details
  5. Software Details

Software Asset Management

  1. Software Metering
  2. Software License
  3. Prohibit Software
  4. Block Executable
  5. Software Category
  6. Software Grouping

Inventory Reports

  1. Inventory Reports
  2. Hardware Reports
  3. Software Reports
  4. Software Compliance Reports
  5. System Details Reports
  6. Warranty Reports