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Viewing Inventory Details

Inventory management doesn't end with distribution of policies configured. The workflow is completed only when IT admins can perceive insights on their inventory. Endpoint Central's inventory management capability let's you gather information on the following:

Viewing Hardware Details

TheHardware view under the Inventory page will provide all the information related to the computer hardware. This lists hardware details fetched from the managed computers network.

To view the hardware details, select the Inventory view and click the Hardware link. It provides the following details:

  • Hardware Name: Name of the hardware device.
  • Hardware Type: Type of the hardware like processor, keyboard, port, etc.
  • Manufacturer: Name of the manufacturer of that hardware device.
  • Number of Items: Total number of items available in the scanned system. To get the details of number of copies available in each system, click the number of items.

Viewing Computer Details

The Computer view provides the complete asset information of the managed computers. The details listed are the ones collected during every inventory scan. You can view this information on the Computers page under Inventory view. You will have the following details for the selected computer:

  1. For Mac - Summary, System, Hardware, Software, Security, and History
  2. For Windows - Summary, System, Hardware, Software, Certificates, File Details, Security, USB Audit, and History
  3. For Linux - Summary, System, Hardware, Software, File Details, and History

To view this information, navigate to Inventory > Computers > Select a computer.

Viewing System Details

The system details hold the processes and information on the managed computers. Under the system details view, you can find the following information:

  1. Services: Name of the services running in that system.
  2. Groups: The groups that are associated with that system.
  3. Users: The users that are associated with that system.

To view this information, navigate to Inventory > Computers > Select a computer > System

 NOTE: You can view the Windoows Defender information and threats details for Windows devices under Inventory.