Scheduled Reports

What are scheduled reports?

Scheduled reports is a feature in Endpoint Central that helps you to receive predefined reports, query reports and custom reports in specific formats like CSV, XLS and PDF. By using this feature, you do not have to go to the Endpoint Central web console and individually view reports. Instead, you can simply use this feature for the reports to be sent to you via mail at scheduled times. These reports are automatically scheduled and compiled and can also be sent to multiple people at once by configuring the settings.

You receive scheduled reports in the following formats namely:

Attachment : You can receive the scheduled reports as an attachment to your e-mail ID.

Zipped file : In case you have selected a lot of reports to be received as a scheduled report, you can choose to receive these as zipped files to you mail.

URL : If the size of the report exceeds the permissible size by your mail server, you can choose this option to publish the reports that you have selected on Endpoint Central server and the path will be sent to you mail ID.

A code that is mapped to the file path of the report is sent along with the download URL for the report so that the end user can download just the report with the help of the URL.

How to create scheduled reports?

To create a scheduled report, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Reports tab and navigate to Add Schedule Report.
  • After providing a Scheduler Name and Description, choose the required reports from the reports category.
  • Specify the report format and the delivery format.
  • Choose to send the reports as attachments or zipped files with a specified size limit; if the total size of selected reports exceeds the limit, Endpoint Central will publish them on the Central Server and provide a URL for access via email.
  • Provide e-mail ID of the recipient(s).
  • Configure the scheduler to set the frequency at which the reports need to be generated and when it needs to be generated.
  • Click Save and you have now created a schedule report which will be sent to you according to the delivery schedule that you have set.

If you want the reports to be generated immediately, click on Execute Now under actions column against the report you have created. You will now receive the report immediately, as well as at the scheduled time.