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Schedule Scanning

Understanding Schedule Scan

Asset discovery can be tedious when done manually every time. To overcome this, IT admins can automate their asset discovery to a certain extent with the On-demand Scan capability. At times, invoking this task might be repetitive and redundant. Hence, it is recommended to fully automate your asset scanning with the Schedule Scan feature. IT admins can schedule either an inventory scan or a file scan, depending on the requirement.

Inventory Scan

IT admins can schedule a time during which the inventory scan should take place. This scan will take place in the same fashion of the on-demand inventory scan, unlike, it is fully automated. To perform inventory scan go to Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> Schedule Scan -> Inventory Scan -> Configure Schedule

File Scan

IT admins can now detect any file that is present in their network. By doing so, a knowledge on the types of files is acquired, which helps IT admins plan on reducing the susceptible files surface in their network. IT admins can schedule a file scan for a targeted file type and execute it to the managed network. Once scanned, IT admins will have all the machines that contains the targeted file. For example, this scan let's you identify audios, movies, photos, office documents and outlook data files. With this scan you can view the count and memory usage of these files. Hence by tracking the details of file types you would be able to perform the following activities:

  • Identify copy righted files like music and movies in the organization network
  • Analyze system's hardware usage and monitor memory usage of files

To perform file type scan navigate to Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> Schedule Scan -> File Scan -> Configure Schedule  

File Scan can be performed only by the Inventory administrator who has access to all managed computers.

To view the details of file type scan navigate to Inventory -> Computers -> Computer name -> File details

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