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Your Exchange environment undergoes numerous modifications day in and day out. Some of these are for the better, but some could create major problems for your business. For instance, a small, accidental change in mailbox permissions could give a new hire access to important, business-critical information.

As an administrator, you need to be vigilant about every modification that happens in your environment. That's where Exchange Reporter Plus, ManageEngine's change auditing, monitoring, and reporting solution for hybrid Exchange environments, comes in. This comprehensive reporting tool gathers information from your Exchange event logs and displays it in an easy-to-understand format.

In addition to in-depth reports, Exchange Reporter Plus also provides real-time alerts about critical changes that occur in your Exchange environment. So, the next time an unauthorized mailbox permission change or any other modification happens in your organization, Exchange Reporter Plus will immediately alert you about it.

Exchange Reporter Plus' auditing functionalities

Audit mailbox logons

Audit mailbox logons

Track owner and non-owner mailbox logons and receive real-time alerts about them.

Monitor mailbox permissions

Monitor mailbox permissions

Track changes to mailbox permissions, including Full Access, Send As, Read, and more.

Audit mailbox properties changes

Track changes to mailbox storage quota and size restrictions, and view information about mailboxes that were recently created, deleted, and moved.

Track database changes

Track database changes

Monitor mounting and dismounting of databases as well as user actions on databases.

Audit server configuration changes

Audit changes to the circular logging and hub transport settings of databases and connector-level changes.

Monitor Database Availability Groups (DAGs)

Audit DAGs and view information about failovers.

Track mailbox activity

Track mailbox activity

Audit admin, user, and delegate activity on your organization's mailboxes, and track emails that have been deleted or moved across different mailbox folders.

This tool also comes in handy during audits and security assessments. All of Exchange Reporter Plus' reports can be exported to specified destination folders and emailed to stakeholders whenever necessary.

About Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis, change auditing, and monitoring solution for Exchange Online and Exchange Servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. It helps you monitor the health of Exchange services and components, audit your event logs, fetch mailbox insights, and more. Reports can be exported to a destination folder in any format, including CSV, PDF, XLS, or HTML.

Check out the various regulatory mandates Exchange Reporter Plus helps you comply with.

Audit user activity to ensure security and compliance to IT regulations in your Exchange setup.

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