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As an Exchange administrator, you need to be well-informed about every factor that governs Exchange mailboxes. The huge volume of mailbox information, however, makes it difficult to track mailbox sizes, inactive mailboxes, and other attributes.

Depending on the native tools or PowerShell to obtain these statistics can be complex and time-consuming. Exchange Reporter Plus, with its comprehensive reports on mailbox properties across Exchange Servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, simplifies your task. 

List of Exchange Reports:

Report Classification Reports Available Under the Category

Mailbox Size Reports

  • Mailbox Size
  • Mailbox Size Growth
  • Current mailbox Size Vs. Quota
  • Server-Based Mailbox Growth
  • Store-Based Mailbox Growth
  • Mailbox Size Restrictions

Mailbox Status Reports

  • Mailbox Enabled Users
  • Hidden Mailboxes
  • Inactive Mailboxes by Last Sent Mail
  • Inactive Mailboxes by Last Logon Time
  • Orphaned Mailboxes
  • Expired Account Mailboxes
  • Soon-to-Expire Account Mailboxes

Archive Mailbox Size Reports

  • Size related details of Archive Mailboxes

General Mailbox Settings

  • Mailbox Features
  • Mailbox Delivery Settings
  • Mailbox Message Restrictions
  • Mailbox with Delegates
  • Mailbox with Forward To
  • Forward set inbox rules report

Room Mailbox Reports

  • Room Mailbox Details

Mailbox Size Reports:

Size is a crucial aspect of mailboxes because it is directly related to resource management on the server. Exchange Reporter Plus lets you:

  • Check both the size and growth of mailboxes.
  • Compare current mailbox sizes with the allocated quota.
  • View the growth rate of Exchange mailboxes for all servers and databases.
  • Analyze mailbox statistics of all users

Mailbox Status Reports:

Exchange mailboxes, like any other assets of the organization, need a periodic clean-up. It's easy to remove the unwanted components, but isolating them is tedious. Get this task done using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Click here to learn more about Mailbox Status Reports.

Exchange Reporter Plus gives you granular details about the account status of your organization's mailboxes. View in-depth information about inactive mailboxes (based on last logon time and the times at which a last email was sent or received), disabled and disconnected mailboxes, expired mailboxes, and more.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Archive Mailbox Size Reports:

Archiving is a best practice because it helps with saving space and accessing historic mailbox content. Exchange Reporter Plus lets you view the archive name, mailbox size, assigned quota, archive warning quota, and more. You can also check the location of the archive (local/cloud-based) and the status of archiving process (pending/completed).

General Mailbox Settings:

Exchange Reporter Plus' General Reports give you the basic information you need about your Exchange Servers. With these reports, you can:

  • View all mailbox-enabled users.
  • Show mailboxes hidden from Exchange address lists.
  • Check the general properties of mailboxes including the status of protocols, retention policies, and litigation hold.
  • View the message delivery settings of mailboxes.
  • Find mailboxes with the "Forward To" and "Redirect To" inbox rules enabled.

Exchange Reporter Plus provides actionable information on all aspects of your Exchange environment to ensure its smooth functioning. All the Exchnage mailbox reports can be exported to a particular destination folder or can be emailed in any format, including PDF (Adobe Acrobat), CSV, XLS (Excel), and HTML.

Some other benefits of Exchange Reporter Plus - Exchange Reporting Tool

Surveil all Exchange mailboxes in your organization easily and efficiently.

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