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Organizations today may have the best of the IT infrastructure in business and performance may scale up to desired heights. But sustaining performance in the long run is essentially a function of IT capacity planning. Over the decade, the IT industry has undergone exponential resource expansion, and is likely to follow the same trend. Resources consume huge space for data exchange and so mailbox management becomes an important task for IT admins.

It comes as a dilemma to users when they have to decide on which mails to discard and which ones to retain. Organizations have therefore implemented retention policies that dictate each message's destination. Admins can create default retention policies for all mail items in an Exchange Server mailbox; specific policies for default folders such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Junk E-mail; or policies that users can apply to folders or individual items. In addition, admins can use retention policies to group one or more retention tags and apply them to mailboxes to enforce message retention settings.

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Exchange Retention Policy details

Exchange Retention Policies

Messages expire on the basis of the settings defined in the retention tags linked to the policy. These settings include actions such as archiving messages or deleting them permanently. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus provides the details of all such policies applied to the mailboxes in a domain. This tool also shows the time when the policies were created or last modified.

Exchange Retention Policies Details

When you click a policy, details such as policy settings and the expiry action that occurs upon recognition of an expired message, expiry age limit, and message type are displayed.

Number of mailboxes with policies

This report shows a graphical representation of the number of mailboxes that have been applied with each retention policy in a domain. This gives an idea about the type of retention tags attached to the different types or hierarchy of users.

'Mailboxes with Policies' are a related report that shows a list of mailbox groups and the corresponding retention policies. Users can select any retention policy from the list and the report will display all the mailboxes associated with that particular policy.

Exchange Reporter Plus's Retention Policy Reports support all versions of Exchange Servers viz. 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016; and can be even exported in CSV, XLS, PDF, or HTML formats.

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