Export Exchange mailbox size reports

As an Exchange admin, you need to communicate with your superiors about resource management and capacity planning. With flexible export options for all reports, Exchange Reporter Plus offers the right data to back you up.

  • Export reports on mailbox size and related attributes to any format, including CSV, PDF, XLS, and HTML.
  • Simply click a button to export reports (no complex PowerShell scripts required).
  • Choose which attributes you'd like to see in the exported report.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Monitor and export size-related reports

Keep an eye on mailbox size and other storage details to avoid service disruptions, including communication breakdown and server malfunctions. Exchange Reporter Plus gives you comprehensive mailbox size information in the form of easy to understand reports, allowing you to:

  • View the sizes of mailboxes in your organization.
  • Track the growth of mailboxes over a period of time.
  • Check the sizes of all mailboxes in select OUs.
  • Compare mailbox sizes with their quotas.
  • Show the size restrictions set on mailboxes.
  • List mailbox sizes based on servers and databases.

Export these Exchange mailbox size reports to specified locations to ensure that you have the data you need readily available. Mailbox size reports can also be emailed to the required stakeholders at specified intervals of time in the format of your choice, including CSV, PDF, XLS, and HTML.

Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based reporting, change auditing, monitoring, and content search tool for Exchange Online and Exchange servers, including versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. It features over 450 unique reports on various Exchange objects, such as mailboxes, public folders, Outlook Web Access, and ActiveSync. Exchange Reporter Plus features customizable reports that display message details based on keywords. You can also track mailbox usage, and break down email response times. Configure alerts in Exchange Reporter Plus for instant notifications on critical changes that require your attention. Download a free trial today to explore all these features.

Export Exchange reports at the click of a button without PowerShell scripts.

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