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Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.–Making it happen for customers!

Company : Sunbelt Rentals
Industry : Construction
Location : Fort Mill, South Carolina
About the Company
Sunbelt Rentals is one among the big fours in the business of distributing specialized equipment in North America. The company designs dedicated equipment for various fields, such as climate control, oil and gas, industrial resources, and many more. Having spread its services in 500+ locations across the region, Sunbelt Rentals commands proximal market presence. Being in business since 1981 has helped the company penetrate deep into the market, and today its revenue is in the order of $2 billion each year.
About Exchange Reporter Plus
Exchange Reporter Plus is a reporting, change auditing, monitoring, and content search tool for hybrid Exchange environments and Skype for Business. It features over 450 comprehensive reports on various Exchange objects such as mailboxes, public folders, and distribution lists, and also on Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync. It accomplishes granular auditing, monitors Exchange services and endpoints, and helps perform instant mailbox content search.

Business Challenge

Sunbelt Rentals' services are designed to serve distinct customers spread across a variety of industries and geographies. Therefore, the company employs a huge pool of resources with few employees stationed on-premise and a big chunk of them on-field.

Any organization with a handsome employee count will eventually face significant IT challenges. Sooner or later, things get mazy and tedious for the systems team, and Sunbelt Rentals with over 10,000 employees was no exception. Irrespective of how minuscule a challenge may seem to be, if not addressed properly, it might have devastating implications. 

At Sunbelt Rentals, with expansion of resources, communication via on-premise Exchange mailboxes wasn't quick. Subsequently, users depended on advanced Exchange features to communicate while on the go. So administrators had to become more vigilant because Exchange operations started becoming tricky. 

Rigorous operations on PowerShell scripting were getting too tricky for the system professionals and needless to say, time consuming as well. According to Ken Collins, senior system engineer at Sunbelt Rentals, Sunbelt Rentals had a lengthy arena of task modules to look after and scripting commands for each one wasn’t really an ideal approach. The company needed something strategic to make the process simple.

The ideal solution

Exchange administration is a broad activity, and the system department wished for a reporting tool for Microsoft Exchange Server that would be operationally effective and cost efficient. They wished for a solution that would provide comprehensive data in a prompt, sophisticated fashion without compromising on data security.

Final choice

Sunbelt Rentals began scouting for an appropriate solution to streamline its Exchange Server administration. Prime weightage was assigned to product features, performance, and cost. The company evaluated Quest Software, ENow, PROMODAG, and ManageEngine. Besides performance and economy, there were two implicit evaluation criteria–easy deployment and round the clock product support. 

ManageEngine had already been on the shelves of Sunbelt Rentals and therefore had an edge over its competitors. Ken admits that they've been happy with ManageEngine products and have had good experience so far. This aided ManageEngine’s chances of making it to the vendor shortlist.

But the real dealmaker was yet to come. ManageEngine offers a 60-day free trial on Exchange Reporter Plus. During this evaluation period, Sunbelt Rentals could: 

  • Experience the process of downloading and installing the product.
  • Interact with the ManageEngine support team during product configuration.
  • Use Exchange Reporter Plus for unlimited mailboxes.
  • Evaluate the effect of numerous bulky mailboxes on product performance.
  • Monitor the product's effect on the system and IT network.

What ManageEngine did here was allow the customer to obtain value that outweighed the price. In this case, Sunbelt had the privilege of enjoying the benefits without actually spending a penny. This made the deal for Exchange Reporter Plus. 

Exchange Reporter Plus also follows a user-friendly pricing policy where customers pay based on the number of mailboxes configured in the product. This value-based pricing ensures the cost of the product license is proportional to the number of mailboxes in use. 


"Exchange Reporter Plus is extremely cost–effective and easy to deploy," said Ken. He also expressed his satisfaction over the technical support provided by ManageEngine. He appreciated the value he could fetch out of the product, in particular the benefits of the email traffic reporting feature.

The product has certainly enhanced Sunbelt Rentals' Exchange reporting system. With a sophisticated user interface, Exchange Reporter Plus is easy to use and offers precise and granular information on the company's Exchange server activities. With this worthwhile addition to their software directory, the system engineer’s tasks have come down significantly, and managing on-field staff communications has become time-bound and glitch-free. "Sunbelt rentals surely makes it happen for its customers; and this one time, ManageEngine made it happen for them," declares Ken, happily.

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