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In today’s scenario, many organizations depend on Microsoft Exchange, Skype for Business for email, instant messaging, file transfer, calls, conferencing, etc. This is why your Exchange organization’s performance needs to be closely monitored, and usage should be optimized. More importantly, the Exchange platform needs to be secured from every possible email-bound threat to avoid irreparable damage to your organization and business-confidential information.

You also need to ensure that your Exchange organization is on par with international compliance standards. ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a comprehensive Microsoft Exchange reporting, change auditing, monitoring and content search solution for Exchange Server, Exchange Online and Skype for Business. It safeguards your organization, ensures tasks are performed more efficiently, and enhances productivity. Here are the benefits you receive by deploying Exchange Reporter Plus:

Intuitive reporting and change auditing

This tool offers more than 450 reports on various aspects of Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business. Using these reports, you can keep an eye on mail traffic information, spam and malware content found in your organization’s mailboxes, OWA and Active Sync details, Exchange permissions, policy settings, and more.

Track every important change made to your Exchange environment like quota limit, database, DAG, and distribution list-related changes using this tool's extensive auditing feature. The prepackaged audit reports also help you keep an eye on the mailbox import and export, admin activities, and changes performed by users.

24x7 monitoring and customized alerts

Monitor Exchange server, services, storage, DAG, database, email, and more with Exchange Reporter Plus. It also helps you keep a close eye on the availability of services 24x7 and triggers alerts on any detected issue. These alerts are displayed in the product dashboard, and email and SMS notifications are sent immediately to the configured email addresses and contact numbers.

Instant mailbox content search

Create content search profiles or perform instant mailbox searches to look for common patterns like bank account numbers, credit card details, and more. Search for specific keywords or attributes indicating confidential information across email subjects, mail content, and attachments. Exchange Reporter Plus' content search option enables you to screen important information shared via your organization's emails. By creating content search profiles, you can ensure that data is screened on a regular basis.

Space and resource optimization

Mailbox and public folders are repositories of information in Exchange. Using Exchange Reporter Plus' mailbox size reports and public folder reports, an Exchange administrator can get a clear picture of the specific files that are consuming excess storage space.

Administrators can also perform smart space optimization by using Exchange Reporter Plus' reports, which help in capacity planning and maintaining sufficient space.

Exchange Reporter Plus not only reports on mailbox storage, but also on mailbox traffic. The mailbox traffic reports, distribution list traffic reports, and Outlook Web Access reports help in vital Exchange server tasks like load balancing, email traffic analysis, and message tracking. The inactive mailboxes based on last sent email can also help an administrator closely track and delete mailboxes consuming space unnecessarily.

Security and vigilance

It's critical to secure your Exchange environment and keep vigilance over all user and admin activities. Exchange Reporter Plus probes every action and monitors every element of MS Exchange, making it an ideal tool for Exchange Server security and vigilance.

The in-depth reporting on Exchange mailbox content, especially on file extensions, makes it easy for an administrator to monitor all the content of the mailbox users' emails; anything that might threaten the organization's integrity is held at bay. It's almost impossible for email attachments to bypass the strict vigilance of Exchange Reporter Plus.

Compliance standards

Apart from all these features, Exchange Reporter Plus also offers various reports necessary for compliance standards like SOX, HIPPA, PCI, GLBA, and GDPR. Using these reports, you can ensure that you stay aligned with the internal and governmental compliance norms, and avoid unnecessary litigation issues.

Exchange Reporter Plus does not merely consolidate data, but also provides actionable reports with significant insights to make business decisions. Exchange Reporter Plus not only helps you manage and secure Microsoft Exchange and mailboxes, but also facilitates an organization's overall IT governance.

Still on the fence about Exchange Reporter Plus?

Consider these brief points:

  • You can schedule reports to get regular updates about various Exchange objects right to your inbox.
  • All reports can be exported in any of these four formats: HTML, CSV, PDF, and XLS.
  • You can add or remove fields from the report, and customize views to your preference.
  • Scrutinize raw data and information in depth using the advanced filter options available in reports.
  • Customize alert profiles to get immediate SMS or email notifications.
  • You can add new actions that you want to audit apart from the pre-defined ones already available in the tool.
  • Perform pattern and keyword-based content search in organization-wide mailboxes.
  • Create content search profiles to look for confidential and sensitive information, like credit card numbers, shared via emails.
  • Delegate limited and granular permissions to the help desk technicians.
  • Licensing is based on the number of mailboxes configured with the product. So, at any time, you can choose the mailboxes that you wish to monitor, audit, and report on to optimize usage.

Simplify Exchange Server, Exchange Online and Skype for Business administration with Exchange Reporter Plus.

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