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"The number one thing I love about Exchange Reporter Plus is that there is absolutely no impact on my Exchange servers. There is no client to install and no extra configuration. Another win for Exchange Reporter is the automatic configuration. The second it is installed, the program seeks out all of the servers it needs to build the reports.

The sheer amount of reports and audits offered are staggering. More than 100 are available at your fingertips. Absolutely every aspect of your Exchange environment will be exposed, leaving no stone unturned."

Andrew Jacops
System/Network Administrator, 4sysops

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Life Management Center
"Finding out mailbox sizes was increasingly becoming cumbersome. Exchange Reporter Plus turned out to be the only solution that gave us mailbox size and group information within our budget. Now, we are able to notify end-users when their mailboxes reach a specific limit. With the simple and cost-effective deployment, Exchange Reporter Plus is now a part of our organization."

Renee Davis
Life Management Center,

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"We were in need of granular reporting on Exchange data to better understand the Exchange environment. Exchange Reporter Plus became our final choice because of price, and the fact that we are generally happy with the several other Zoho products.

With the many different types of reports supported by Exchange Reporter Plus, it is now possible to get lot more Exchange data without having to create a bunch of PowerShell scripts."

Shannon Rubin
Institute for Building Technology and Safety,
Ashburn, Virginia.

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"We needed an easy to use tool for monitoring our Exchange server. Exchange Reporter Plus is very simple to use, and the interface is pretty intuitive. The reporting tool saves us time, and keeps us very informed. The reporting of Exchange mailbox and database sizes is the best feature. We use other Manage Engine products, and this one seemed just as good as the others."

US-based Customer.


"Sunbelt Rentals had a lengthy arena of task modules to look after and scripting commands for each one wasn’t really an ideal approach. The company needed something strategic to make the process simple. Price, ease of use, and past experience with other ManageEngine products made Exchange Reporter Plus our final choice."

Ken Collins
Senior System Engineer,
Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.


A leading vision care practice with multiple stores spread across a state was in need of an easy to use tool for monitoring their Exchange Servers. On evaluating Exchange Reporter Plus they found the tool to be very simple to use, with a pretty intuitive interface. After deployment, the organization claims that Exchange Reporter Plus has saved them considerable time, and also helped them to be informed of their Exchange environment.

The vision care practice considers the Exchange Mailbox and Database Size Reports to be the best of all the reports that the product offers.

Leo Gallegos
Nationwide Vision

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