How do I view details about emails sent during non-business hours?

France recently passed the Right to Disconnect law which allows employees to be shut off from their work email after business hours. This law aims to reduce burnout. While it doesn't call for a total shutdown of after work hours emails, it does suggest that companies should provide some personal time to employees after working hours.

While the law maybe specific to France, several other companies such as Volkswagen and Daimler have their own email policies that aim to re-establish proper work-life balance. If your organization has such an email policy, you, as an IT admin, will be asked to identify users who answer emails after work hours. In order to adhere to such company policies, you will have to add yet another time consuming task to your already long to-do list.


Exchange Reporter Plus addresses this need in its newest release. Its traffic reports allow you to view details about users' email activities in real time. With the latest build, you can identify users who answer emails during non-business hours, as shown in Figure 1.

Track emails sent during non-business hours

You can configure your organization's business hours by performing the following steps.

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Click the Configurations link.
  • Select Business Hours and set your organization's working hours.

You can now easily identify employees sending work emails during their personal time. To check out this new functionality, download the latest build.


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