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What is extest_<GUID>?

Exchange Reporter Plus uses several cmdlets including Test-WebServicesConnectivity, Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity, and Test-OwaConnectivity to test connectivity and populate its monitoring reports. These cmdlets test connectivity to a mailbox through components and protocols such as ActiveSync, POP3, and IMAP4. By default, a system generated test user mailbox, extest_<GUID> is used for this purpose.

If this mailbox is not present in your organization, it can be created either through Exchange Reporter Plus or manually by using the Exchange Management Shell.

To create a test user mailbox manually:

  • Login as a Domain Administrator.
  • Open Exchange Management Shell.
  • Go to C:/Program Files/Microsoft/ExchangeServer/v14/Scripts.
  • Run new-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1.
  • Follow the next set of instructions prompted by Shell.

Once the test user mailbox is created, the connectivity reports will be populated with data after the next scheduled data gathering.

An alternative:

Instead of using extest_<GUID>, you can specify a mailbox in your organization created for this purpose. To make Exchange Reporter Plus use this mailbox, perform the following steps.

  • Click the Monitoring tab.
  • Go to the Report Configuration link on the left pane.
  • Choose server monitoring from the Select Category drop down menu.
  • To edit any report, click the modify button adjacent to the report name.
  • Choose the target Client Access Server.
  • Select the gathering interval.
  • Click the Advanced Settings link.
  • In Cmdlet Parameters, choose MailboxCredential from the drop down menu and enter in the credentials in the pop up window presented on the screen.
  • Click Create.

The connectivity reports will be populated with data once the next scheduled data gathering takes place.


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