Release Notes

Exchange Reporter Plus Release Notes for Build 4810 (Nov 2014)

New Features:

  • Room mailbox details report
    • It offer insights into conference room objects in an Exchange organisation.
  • Archive Mailbox Size Reports:
    • Display the size of each mailbox in Exchange
    • Display assigned quota for each mailbox
    • Display the archive location viz. cloud based archive and on-premise archive
  • Audit tab now has additional features that:
    • Report changes in hub transport settings
    • Report changes in Send/Receive connector settings
    • Allow control on Database specific Circular logging


  • Duplicate entry issue, caused by recovery mailbox database, in mailbox size reports is now fixed.
  • MAPI isn't required anymore to retrieve mailbox size reports in SP 3 configured Exchange 2007 server.
  • OU based filter can now be applied for Mailbox reports & Email Traffic reports.
  • Mailbox archive sizes are now displayed in Mailbox Size Reports.
  • Alert profiles can now be modified based on new macros like Old/New Values, Email, Connector Name, Circular Logging status, etc
  • In Audit Configuration,
    • Schedule type can now be manually chosen as 'Scheduler' in ‘More Actions’ tab.
    • Domain Controller(s) can now be added for configuration and they shall automatically get removed upon DC depromotion.

How to Upgrade:

Highlights of Previous Releases (build 4100 to 4740)

  • Mailbox auditing now supports Exchange Server 2013
  • Mailbox Retention Policy Explorer: A bunch of new reports have been added to offer insight into retention policies and associated mailboxes.
    • Retention Policies.
    • No. of Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Retention Policy Details.

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