Release Notes

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus 4.9.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the blank audit alerts message in 4900 build.

New Features:

  • Non-Delivery Reports
    • Non-delivery Reports give an overall view of the emails that have been sent but not delivered.
    • Invalid email Address lists all the emails that are undelivered because of an invalid address.
    • Size Limit Exceeded lists all the emails that have not been delivered because of space related issues like lack of space in the mailbox or the size of the email itself.
    • Delivered vs. Non-Delivered (Internal) presents a statistical view of the mailboxes that have been delivered as compared to that are undelivered.
  • Admin audit log is a new set of reports that enables monitoring of specifics related to mailboxes
    • Mailbox Quota Changes records any changes in the quota of a particular mailbox.
    • Mailbox Permission Changes tracks whenever read/write permissions to a particular mailbox are granted or barred.
    • Mailbox Move Request lists the mailboxes that undergone a movement request and the details of the concerned user as well.
    • Mailbox Create and Delete notifies the creation of a new mailbox or deletion of an existing one in the Exchange Server.
  • Bookmark feature has now been introduced which enables an Exchange Admin to bookmark their most preferred/favourite reports so that they can perform a faster navigation; further the bookmarked reports can be categorised into more than one categories based on desired parameters.


  • A new option in License Management allows users to stop reporting details about a particular server.
  • Report settings in Admin Configuration have an option of Configurable date/time format.
  • Configurable session timeout option has been provided under Admin->configuration->Product settings.
  • Auto-discover global catalog option is now included. This enables the product to use a different global catalog within the same site, if the default one has failed.
  • Exchange server 2013 message log parsing has been improved.
  • ‘Run Now’ option is now available in the report scheduling tab where users can run the scheduled reports immediately.
  • A new filter in "Inactive mailbox by last logon time" allows retrieval of data for disabled users as well.
  • Permission Changes report in the Audit Tab now includes new and old values for exporting.

How to Upgrade:

Highlights of Previous Releases (build 4100 to 4810)

  • Mailbox auditing now supports Exchange Server 2013
  • Mailbox Retention Policy Explorer: A bunch of new reports have been added to offer insight into retention policies and associated mailboxes.
    • Retention Policies.
    • No. of Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Mailboxes with Policies.
    • Retention Policy Details.

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