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Exchange Change Audit and Reporting Solution

Exchange Reporter Plus Release Notes for Build 4710(March 2014)


Non owner mailbox Logon report enhanced-

  • Calendar access filtered.


  • Issue in Message Tracking Logs (MTL) parsing fixed
  • Issue in editing schedule parameters of a report resolved/ Issue in editing report schedules resolved.
  • Issue in ‘Attachments by file extension keyword’ report under the Mailbox content category, fixed.

How to Upgrade:

Highlights of Previous Releases (build 4100 to 4701)

  • Support for Exchange 2013 environment included.
  • "ActiveSync General Reports"- These reports provide ActiveSync policy details, device details and ActiveSync status information. It’s quite easy to find out which policy is associated with which mailbox and also details like ActiveSync password policies.
  • "ActiveSync Request Reports "- These reports bring to you the stats on Sync requests arising from the ActiveSync devices in the organization. With the help of these reports obtain the list of successfully executed commands like “send mail”, “reply” and “forward”. Summary reports on top synced mailboxes and servers are also offered.
  • Two new reprots that throw light on Email traffic specific to Internal Domains released:"Sent Traffic by Domains" & "Received Traffic by Domains"
  • Four new categories of reports introduced for auditing Exchange servers:"Mailbox Logon reports","Mailbox Permission Changes""Mailbox Property Changes " and "Exchange Store Changes "
  • Two new reports added under Mailbox Traffic reports :"Sent Traffic for Users" and "Received Traffic for Users".
  • Support for Postgres Database Server (for product's database) in addition to the MySQL support.
  • Licensing policy revamped to ease the management of mailboxes.
  • Comprehensive helpful hints to guide the troubleshooting process for possible task gathering issues.
  • Admin Tab interface re-skinned to provide for a more organized design and look.
  • Supports scalability by splitting reports with huge data into a series of reports and exporting them.
  • Weekly and Monthly schedule types support extended for all types of reports.
  • Report on "Log on count per department/ Users of a department/ Specifics users of a department".
  • Reports on "Traffic From / To Internet" with separate reporting by Internet/ Domain/ User.
  • Mailbox Permission Reports for Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010 mailboxes.

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