GPO Backup

Backup and restoration of all Active Directory objects. Restore entire objects or just specific attributes.

Automatic Group Policy (GPO) Backup tool

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in Active Directory (AD) play a vital role in controlling the working environment of user and computer accounts. A single GPO can contain hundreds or thousands of settings. It can also be linked to an OU or a domain, thereby controlling the users and/or computers located within. When such a powerful AD entity has its components modified or deleted accidentally, the impact is felt across a large section of your AD environment. The need to restore GPOs to perfect working condition takes high priority.

GPOs contain over 5,000 settings, so restoring them is a complex process which requires precision to identify the exact changes to the GPO settings and to reverse those changes . The need of the hour, therefore, is a holistic solution that can backup and restore GPOs instantly. A software that can also help in change management to identify the individual settings changes and restore them would be an added advantage.

The native backup and recovery tool is simply not equipped to handle this complex task. PowerShell makes the process even more complicated than it already is owing to its need for complex scripts and lack of a user-friendly GUI.

RecoveryManager Plus is a web-based Active Directory backup tool that will let you track each change made to GPOs, and perform restorations efficiently. Further, to manage create, enable/disable, and modify GPOs; add, remove, enforce, enable/disable GPO links and also generate GPO reports without scripting, try out this simple AD GPO management and reporting tool.

Highlights of RecoveryManager Plus:

The following features of RecoveryManager Plus makes it an ideal Active Directory backup tool, vital to any organization.

  • Automatic GPO Backup: RecoveryManager Plus periodically backs up any and all changes made to GPOs across your AD environment at each backup cycle. In case of accidental deletion or modification of GPOs, the backups can be used to restore them to any of their previous versions.
  • Individual Settings Restoration: RecoveryManager Plus, unlike all other backup and recovery tool, backs up each and every setting that makes up a GPO, providing administrators with greater attribute-level control over restoration of GPOs.
  • GPO Link Backup: GPO link backup: This utility can also back up GPO links along with the individual settings. When any GPO link has been disabled accidentally and the GPO in question has been deleted at a later date, restoring the GPO link will also restore the GPO.
  • Change Management: This software tracks every single change made to GPOs, thereby enabling administrators to undo any change made to GPOs. This gives administrators a greater level of control over changes happening to GPOs within their AD environments.
  • Version Management and Comparison: Each backup of changes made to individual settings of a GPO is maintained as a separate version. This lets the administrator compare different versions of a GPO and restore it to a desired version.
  • Rollback GPOs: Administrators can rollback GPOs to a previous point in time and void all changes made to the GPO after that point. This enables administrators to get the GPO back to working condition after accidental modifications.

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can prevent longer downtimes caused by accidental modification of AD data. With its user-friendly interface and lucid dashboard view, this backup and recovery software gives administrators complete control over their AD environment to keep AD consistent, accessible and operational.

Restoring entire GPOs or just a few individual settings, RecoveryManager Plus has you covered.

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