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Version Comparison using Recovery Manager Plus

Active Directory data may be backed up at regular intervals or as and when changes are made to the data, but that may often not be enough for easy recovery. Suppose a number of changes have been made to a user object and all the changes have been backed up. Some of these changes may have been made by the administrator while some may have been made by accident. In this case, it would be easier if the administrator could compare different values across multiple versions of backups so that the preferred values could be easily identified and restored. A tool that helps in Active Directory version comparison review is the need of the hour.

RecoveryManager Plus helps you to perform Active Directory version comparison by keeping track of the entire history of Active Directory changes. This makes it easy for you to compare the current value of an object’s attribute with the backup values and pick the best to restore.

Some of the highlights associated with RecoveryManager Plus that aid in Active Directory version comparison are as follows.

  • Multiple views: Multiple views help you compare attribute values within and across versions. Compare backup values and current values and perform easy restoration.
    • Simple view: List all versions of backups of an object and compare current and backup values in a given version. Easily select and restore any preferred version of an object or its attributes.
    • Compare view: Compare current and backup values across all versions of backups. Select any version for different attributes and perform easy restoration.
  • Version tracking: Track the number of changes made to an attribute and the date and time of changes so that you get to pick the right set of changes. This helps you to rollback all changes made or to a corresponding set of changes.
  • Version history: RecoveryManager Plus generates a comprehensive list of all versions of backups available in the specified period. This enables you to compare values across every single version and select the best to restore.
  • Granular Comparison: RecoveryManager Plus lets you apply search filters such as domain, OUs, date and object name so that you can narrow down your comparison to a particular object or objects belonging to one OU or a set of OUs.

RecoveryManager Plus helps you compare different versions of backed up values and restore the values that you need with great ease and simplicity. The version comparison feature offered by RecoveryManager Plus gives you total control in contrast to native tools.

Compare values of attributes across different time periods.

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