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RecoveryManager Plus is an easy-to-use, web-based Windows Active Directory backup and recovery software that backs up all aspects of your Active Directory and lets you instantly restore deleted or modified completely or granularly. In also enables you to restore entire Domain Controllers whenever the need arises.

The RecoveryManager Plus advantage

  • Automated backups - Schedule your AD to be backed up during non-business hours to ensure regular backups.
  • Backup retention - Define a retention period for your AD backups. All backups beyond that specified time are assimilated into the full backup.
  • Multiple backup versions - Back up every change made to an AD object as a separate version and restore values from multiple backup versions for each object.
  • Attribute-level restoration - Search for particular changes from different backup versions and restores just the modified attribute you need within a few seconds.
  • Version management and comparison - Compare backup snapshots across multiple versions to get an overview of all previous and current values of AD objects before restoration.
  • AD rollback - Restore your AD to a previous backup to automatically undo all changes made after that point in time.
  • AD recycle bin - Restore deleted AD objects and their attributes, including their parent containers, in a single click.
  • Disaster recovery - Backup all the operating system files in your domain controllers and perform bare metal recoveries if they encounter any disasters.
  • Role Delegations - Delegate roles viz., Admin, Operator or Auditor to users and provide them with the rights to perform specific functions in the product.

To know more about the different features that RecoveryManager Plus has in its arsenal, click here.


  • This complimentary license is for the standard edition of RecoveryManager Plus.
  • This offer is exclusively for you / your organization only.
  • Validity of this complimentary license is 6 months.
  • This is a standalone offer and cannot be combined with other offers.

Instructions to apply the license

  • Save the license file sent to you.
  • Ensure that RecoveryManager Plus is running and login to the product with the default username and password "admin".
  • Click on the "License" link on the top right corner.
  • In the pop-up that appears, click "Choose File" link present in the "Upload License" field and select the license file that you have received from ManageEngine.
  • Click "Upgrade".

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