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How to back up your Google Workspace mailbox?

This post will elaborate the steps to back up all the items in your Google Workspace mailbox using RecoveryManager Plus. With RecoveryManager Plus, you can back up not just your Google Workspace mailboxes but also your personal Google mailboxes.

If you haven’t added your Google Workspace domain to RecoveryManager Plus, you can do so by following the steps listed here.

Creating a backup schedule for your Google Workspace mailboxes.

  1. Login to RecoveryManager Plus as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Google Workspace tab > Backup Settings.
  3. Click on the Create Backup button located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. If you’ve configured multiple Google Workspace domains, choose the domain for which you wish to create a backup schedule from the Account drop-down box.
  5. Provide a name for the backup schedule.
  6. Select the user accounts for which you wish to create a backup schedule by clicking the icon-add icon in the Select Users field.
  7. You can select all the users by selecting the check-box adjacent to the Display Name text. To search for individual users, use the icon-add icon. After you’ve selected all users that you wish to backup, click OK.
  8. Select the services that you wish to backup. You can choose to backup any combination from the given options (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and User Drive). For this particular scenario, chose Mail.
  9. Select the desired frequency at which the schedule must run from the options available.
    • Daily - Scheduler will run once every day at the scheduled time.
    • Weekly - Scheduler will run once every week on the specified day and time.
    • Monthly – Scheduler will run once a month on the specified date and time.
  10. Select the repository in which you wish to store the backups from the drop-down box.
  11. In the Retention Period field, enter the number of days/months/years for which the backups should be stored. Backups older than the specified age will be discarded. If you've set the retention period to 30 days, when the backup schedule runs on the 31st day, the items older than 30 days in the backup will be discarded. To learn more about how RecoveryManager Plus processes retention period, click here.
  12. You can also configure RecoveryManager Plus to store your backups forever, in which case backups will not be discarded.
    Note: Minimum retention period is 30 days.
  13. If you wish to encrypt your backups, select the Encrypt backup data check-box and provide an encryption key.
  14. Click Save to save the scheduler and the back up will run at the specified time.
  15. Click Save & Run to save the scheduler and trigger the first backup process immediately.
  16. Click Cancel to exit the configuration screen.

The selected Google Workspace mailboxes will now be periodically backed up, providing you with an option to restore them to any of their backed up states.

For a hands-on experience in handling RecoveryManager Plus’s Google Workspace backup capabilities, try our web-hosted version.

To download RecoveryManager Plus, click here.


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