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Restoring DNS Zones


When you configure a domain controller as a DNS name server, the DNS zone data is stored as an Active Directory object and is replicated as part of domain replication. When the contents of the DNS zones are unintentionally modified, it can mess up your entire AD environment. The immediate need is to restore the modified DNS zone to the previous state.

Using RecoveryManager Plus, you can easily back up DNS zones and use it in case of any undesired modifications.


  • Open RecoveryManager Plus and log in as an administrator.
  • Navigate to Active Directory tab → Active Directory → Restore.
  • In the Domain drop-down box, select the domain that contains the DNS zone to be restored.
  • Specify the period within which the object was modified in the Select Backup field and click Search. Once the time period is specified, the number of backups taken during this period is listed. Select the backup in which the DNS zone to be restored is present.
  • Type the name of the modified DNS zone in the Object Name field. If you are not sure of the name, make use of the filters such as contains, starts with, ends with, and equals.
  • Click on the <+/-> icon in the OUs field to select the OU in which the DNS zone is likely to be present.
  • In the Object Type field, select DNS from the drop-down box and hit Search.
  • All DNS zones that fit the entered criteria are displayed.
  • You can either choose to restore a DNS zone to any of its previous version completely by marking the check-box against its name or selectively restore particular attribute(s) from a version. To selectively restore individual attributes, click on the link Number of Property Changes corresponding to the object and select the attributes that you would like to restore.
  • Click Restore to complete the restoration process.

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