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Wbadmin vs RecoveryManager Plus

Wbadmin (WBAdmin.exe) is a command-line utility built into Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2012. It is a disk-based backup system that can be used to create a bare metal backup.

This post will highlight the shortcomings of Wbadmin and show how RecoveryManager Plus can help you overcome those limitations.

Inability to take incremental backups

Wbadmin does not have the ability to incrementally back up just the changes made since the last backup. This puts a large strain on your storage repositories.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to back up just the changes made since the last backup and stores them as separate versions, which lets you conserve storage space used. This also makes sure that the time taken to complete the backup process is minimal. All changes made to files and folders and ntds.dit are captured without using a lot of storage space.

Inability to delete old backups

Wbadmin does not allow you to define a backup retention period for your bare metal backups. Bare metal backups that are too old must be manually deleted by administrators to prevent your storage repository from overflowing with dated backups.

On the other hand, RecoveryManager Plus gives you the flexibility to configure a backup retention period, which defines the number of full backups that will be stored. When the total number of full backups exceeds the configured value, the oldest full backup is discarded.

Inability to compress backups

Wbadmin does not allow you to compress bare metal backups. Coupled with the fact that it does not allow for incremental backups, the strain on your storage repository increases exponentially.

RecoveryManager Plus compresses your bare metal backups to one-fourth (25 percent) of their original size and helps you considerably reduce space used to store backups.

The above reasons clearly show that while Wbadmin is a primitive tool that can be used to perform basic bare metal restoration of domain controllers but is in no way efficient or feature-packed. RecoveryManager Plus, on the other hand, is a feature-rich backup and restoration solution when it comes to bare metal backups.


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