Ransomware Protection

Insurance against ransomware for your OneDrive for Business data

How ransomware affects cloud storage on platforms like OneDrive for Business

Even though OneDrive for Business is a cloud application, it’s still susceptible to ransomware attacks. Microsoft’s OneDrive Sync Client allows you to sync your OneDrive data from your desktop to the cloud and vice versa. If ransomware in your system corrupts all the files in your OneDrive for Business sync folder, the data will be synced back to the cloud, and all the data in your OneDrive for Business environment will also be infected.

The best way to protect your organization against ransomware is to deploy a comprehensive backup solution. Having backups allows you to restore your data and effectively recover from a ransomware attack in case one slips through the cracks of your preventive systems.

How can RecoveryManager Plus help?

RecoveryManager Plus is a well-rounded tool that offers:

  1. Complete OneDrive for Business backup: Back up all items and folders in your OneDrive for Business sites.
  2. Incremental backups: Incrementally back up just the changes made to files and folders since the last backup cycle, and ensure your RPO is always less than 24 hours.
  3. File-level restoration: Restore individual files to their original location or to a new location. You can also directly download the files from the backup if needed.
  4. Site-level restoration: Restore all the files and folders to your OneDrive for Business site from backups in a few clicks.
  5. Share permission restoration: Restore all files and folders along with their original share permissions intact, ensuring there’s no disruptions to end users.

Protect the data in your OneDrive for Business sites from ransomware threats.

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