Device Down Settings

OpManager versions above 125215 now support customization of device down severities. You can edit the the poll count, severity and the message for device severity alarms to be displayed when the device is down.

To customize device down settings,

  • Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Device Down Settings.
  • Edit the following fields.
    No.of Failed Polls: Number of polls after which OpManager should raise the alarm. For example, if the monitoring interval of a device is 5 mins and the number of polls is 2, the alert will only be generated after 10 mins.
    Severity: The severity of that particular alarm.
    Availability Alarm Message: The message to be displayed when the alarm is raised.
  • Click on Save.


  1. The device availability alarm severities will also be changed based on the severity configured in this page.
  2. If the device down severity property is changed here, the notification profiles or any associated workflows should also be updated accordingly.
  3. Device Down Settings

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