Failed to Add a Domain - Invalid Username or Password


You get an error as "Invalid Username or Password" when attempting to add an AD Domain in Oputils. Domains are added in OpUtils for the following reasons:

  • To authenticate an OpUtils user to login to access the web client.
  • To get the domain details of the computers in the IP Address Manager tool.
  • To get the system details of each of the computers in the domain.


When you add an AD domain, OpUtils will try to login to the domain with the given user credential. If the login attempt fails, you will get this error message. The following could be the reasons:

  1. There is no such user in that domain.
  2. The given password is wrong.
  3. The user does not have privileges to login to the domain from the computer where OpUtils is installed.


Give a Domain User

Specify a user who is the member of that domain.

Check the Password

The password could have been mis-spelt. Ensure that the password has been specified correctly in the same case. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Check the Access Privileges of the User

If both the username and password are correct, check whether the user has permissions to login to that domain from the computer where OpUtils is installed. It is possible that the access restriction in the Active Directory might prevent this user from logging from a different computer, subnet, etc.

Applies to: IP Address Manager

Keywords: Active Directory, Domain, Domain User, Add Domain, AD User, AD Domain, Invalid User

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