Looking for an Alternate to GPO? Your search ends here!

Are you using Windows Group Policy Objects (GPO) for regular Desktop Management tasks like,

  • Configure Desktop & Application settings
  • Apply Security Policies to Users & Computers
  • Deploy software to remote computers

You could do all of this and much more with Desktop Central.

Problems in GPO Approach

  • Works only for Windows
  • Need an Active Directory Setup
  • No on-demand operations; works only at specified intervals/actions

Benefits of Desktop Central

  • It works on both Windows & Mac
  • Active Directory based network setup is not mandatory
  • Works with multiple Domains and workgroups - no need to redo the same for every domain
  • Not only applies the configuration during startup, user logon and at regular intervals, but also can push immediately.

Other Features in Desktop Central

Offers a host of other features that is not available in the GPO:

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