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    Compliance Reports

    The regulatory compliance reports are mandated by industry bodies/ government authorities to assure minimum security to the IT users in various industries. Non-compliance to the regulatory acts attracts penal action. To ensure credible security and address the mandatory requirement compliance reports of IT networks are required. EventLog Analyzer generates the major compliance reports required for the IT industry.


    The major pre-built reports available in EventLog Analyzer are PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, GPG13, and GLBA. This compliance management software keeps the future IT compliance regulations in mind and offers custom compliance reports generation feature. 


    You can modify the existing canned compliance reports to suit specific requirements or create (+ Add) a new compliance report, to meet other IT compliance mandates like ISO 27001/2, etc.


    Compliance Report Menus


    Individual Compliance reports can be filterd for groups and sub-groups of the compliance acts using Change Criteria: 'Reports' link and hosts using Change Criteria: 'Hosts' link. The compliance reports can be scheduled for periodic generation using 'Schedule' link. Export the the report to PDF, CSV formats using the 'Export to:' link. Use the Calendar widget to display the report for the selected time period. Show All, Hide All links can be used to display or hide the reports of all the groups and sub-groups of the compliance act.