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    Search Logs

    EventLog Analyzer’s Log search functionality is very easy and allows you to do a free form search. When a user enters a search criterion in the search bar, EventLog Analyzer rapidly drills down into the raw logs and retrieves the results for your search query.

    This section discusses about how to search logs in EventLog Analyzer.

    • Refer ' How to Search' topic for explanation about search. You can carry out two types of searches: Basic Search and Advanced Search
    • Refer 'How to Extract Additional Fields' topic for explanation about how to extract fields interactively
    • Refer 'Tagging' topic to know about creating and handling tags and its usage in log search

    Go to Search

    After logging in to EventLog Analyzer, click the Search tab.

    Using the Search Result

    You can use the result of the search to create Report Profile. This will be useful for network troubleshooting and forensic analysis.