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Super Admin Support

Any administrator could be made as a 'Super Administrator' with privilege to view and manage all resources in PMP.

Remote Password Synchronization

Existing passwords of remote resources can be changed from PMP itself and the changed passwords are stored in the repository. PMP can change the passwords currently for Windows, Windows domain and Linux systems. Synchronization can be done in two ways - by deploying PMP agents in remote hosts and through agent-less mode.

Post-password reset custom script execution support

Support for invoking a custom script or executable as a follow-up action to Password Reset action in PMP.

Setting Password Expiry Dates

Provision for setting password expiry dates and generating alerts and reports on password expiry.

Real-time Notifications on Password Events

Real-time notifications for password events like password retrieval, modification, expiry, password policy violation, passwords out of sync with actual resources and change in password access permissions.

Personal Password Management for Users

Provision for storing the passwords for personal use such as Email account information, Credit Card Numbers, PIN etc.

Access through any web browser

PMP web interface can be accessed from anywhere through standard web browsers.

High Availability

Uninterrupted access to passwords by deploying redundant PMP server and database instances.

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