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Post Password Reset ListenerPassword Manager » Features » Post Password Reset Listener

Post-Password Reset Custom Script Execution

Password Reset is one of the important operations performed by the PMP. After resetting the password of resources/accounts in PMP, there might be requirements to carry out some follow-up action automatically. This could be done using the Password Reset Listeners.

For Example:

  • restarting the dependent services immediately after password reset
  • if there is a windows service that makes use of the account whose password is being changed in PMP. You can use the listener mechanism to change the 'stored credentials' (i.e the credentials specified in the 'Logon' property) of the windows service
  • if you have added the accounts of network devices as resources/accounts in PMP, you can first reset the passwords of such accounts locally and then invoke a custom script to connect to the device and carry out the change in the device too
  • reset the passwords of windows scheduled tasks and other associated processes

Whenever the password of an account is modified in the PMP repository, you can configure PMP to invoke a script or executable supplied by you. The script or the executable is called the Password Reset Listener. The listener will be invoked even for local password changes and for resources for which remote password reset is not supported. It can be configured for each resource type, including the user defined resource types. Thus, the password reset listener mechanism is very helpful for resource types for which PMP does not support remote password reset by default.

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